“True Blood” season finale: Blood Weddings

Maryann gets ready to meet her god
Maryann gets ready to meet her god

By Elaine Bergstrom

Well, things ended almost exactly as I hoped. Bill, taking a hint from Sophie-Ann’s comment that maenads “imagined themselves” into existence, got together with Sam and conjured up an idea to have Sam become the sacred bull on whose horns the deluded Maryann happily allowed herself to be impaled. It was a great scene and I am truly happy she is gone, not because she was so bad, but because she was so boring. But she did look beautiful in Gram’s wedding dress, as she planned to marry her god after sacrificing Sam.

Since Maryann’s death occurred halfway through the episode, it seemed that this would be a really short finale, or some setup for next season would occur. It did, but only after the townsfolk had to deal with their mass possession.

Poor Eggs couldn’t stand not knowing what he had done, and when Sookie took pity on him and revealed some of it, he went over the edge brandishing the sacrificial knife and demanding Andy arrest him. This led trigger-happy Jason to think he was attacking Andy and kill him. Hoyt learned that all the things his mother told him when she was possessed were true and went back to Jessica, who seems to have moved on in a particularly bloody way (I still have hope for those two). Sam decided it was time to find his real parents (his adopted ones abandoned him after they saw him shapeshift).

And, in the big cliffhanger for next season, Bill gave Sookie a ticket to Vermont (apparently they are ahead of the curve in vampire/human marriages, too) and popped the question. Shocked and concerned about what will happen as she ages, Sookie excuses herself and heads to the lady’s room where she takes a moment before deciding to say “Yes, Bill, I will marry you!” But when she comes back and proclaims it, she is talking to an empty restaurant (Bill had bought out the place, making me think of George Hamilton’s line in Love at First Bite, “I put a little away for a long, long time.”) Bill had been abducted.

So what does all of this portend for next season? My predictions:

• Eric kidnapped Bill and intends to kill him because Bill knows Eric is forcing Lafayette to sell V again, and Sophie-Ann’s at that. The Queen and the Viking are up to something, perhaps world domination through V addicts? Would V addicts be any more up to it than, say, addicts of anything else? This should be interesting and wonderfully so. I am expecting that Wood has at least a few scenes next season.
• Hoyt will need to get to Jessica and apologize before she kills someone, if she hasn’t already, or she will be in big trouble, possibly with the law.
• Sweet Sam will find peace with his power. Maybe he already has, as he tells Sookie, “You suffer more hiding something than when you face up to it.”

Best finale lines:
“Your god isn’t the one those blind billions worship, and in your heart of hearts you know this.” – Maryann to Sookie

“I am happy to die. I am yours.” – Maryann to the “sacred bull.”

“Was there no god?” – Maryann a moment later when she sees that Sam was the bull that impaled and killed her then pulled out her heart and left her a black hulk on the ground in Gram’s wedding dress.

“You might have your faults, Andy, but at least you got your pants on.” – Sheriff Bud on why he gave Andy his badge back.

Worst blooper:
Bill and Sookie taking a moment in a perfectly clean bedroom in an otherwise trashed house.

Best Cameo:
Yes that was Charlaine Harris at Merlotte’s bar talking to Sam.

Photo Credit: HBO