“Amazing Race” announces 12 new teams

CBS has announced the 12 new teams competing in the 15th installment of The Amazing Race, kicking off with a two-hour episode Sept. 27.

Season 15 includes a team of Harlem Globetrotters, two female pro poker players, the first ever racer with Asperger’s Syndrome, married yoga teachers and a former Miss America.amazing

Herbert “Flight Time” Lang & Nathaniel “The Big Easy” Lofton — Age 32 and 28. These two friends are teammates on the renowned Harlem Globetrotters and met five years ago at the team’s training camp. Herbert stands at 6’3″ and believes he can get along with anyone on the planet. Nathaniel towers over his competition at 6’9″.

Lance Layne & Keri Morrione — Age 41 and 33. Lance, a lawyer, and Keri, a finance manager, became engaged six months ago and they are planning to be married this fall. Lance is also a black belt in karate, has an aggressive personality and does not shy away from confrontation. Keri admits to getting frustrated when he interrupts her and fails to listen to her input, but Lance insists that he is always right and does not need to listen. You know, I think these crazy kids are gonna make it just fine.

Maria Ho & Tiffany Michelle — Age 26 and 25. Pro poker players Maria and Tiffany have been friends for over five years and have been going head-to-head at the tables the whole time in the male-dominated sport. Well-traveled, extremely competitive and strong-minded.

Eric Paskel & Lisa Paskel — Age 41 and 43. Eric and Lisa are yoga teachers who have been married for over 18 years. Both are vegans who have a passionate and fiery approach to their personal and professional lives, and are extremely dedicated to helping others.

Gary Tomlijenovich & Matt Tomlijenovich — Age 47 and 22. In this father/son duo, Gary is a PC, and Matt is a Mac. Gary enjoys hunting, while Matt enjoys video games. Gary likes classic rock, and Matt enjoys metal. There’s a generation gap, get it?

Zev Glassenberg & Justin Kanew — Age 26 and 30. Zev and Justin became friends six years ago when they worked as camp counselors, and they’ve been close ever since. Which must be hard, since Zev has Asperger’s Syndrome, a mild form of autism which can impair one’s social skills. But they don’t let that affect their friendship. Justin is VP of Development for National Lampoon, so maybe we have him partly to blame for too many lame, direct-to-DVD comedies.

Garrett Paul & Jessica Stout — Age 28 and 27. Day trader Garrett and freelance editor Jessica have been dating on-and-off for seven years since they met in Barcelona on a study exchange program. They have had three major breakups during this time. Jessica is used to addressing issues head-on, while Garrett opts to ignore her, shying away from confrontation. Do we hear breakup number 4 coming?

Marcy Maloy & Ron Shalita — Age 60 and 59. Marcy and Ron are dating and believe that at 60 you can be strong, sexy, vibrant and energetic. After meeting on an online dating site, they are looking forward to sharing the intense experience of the race and hope it can help determine whether their relationship is destined to last. Both are exceptionally fit, have great people skills and high energy.

Mika Combs & Canaan Smith — Age 22 and 26. These Southern sweethearts from Tennessee have only been dating for a few months, but admit to spending every waking hour together since they fell in love. Mika moved to Nashville two years ago to pursue a career in country music, while Canaan is a professional songwriter.

Daniel McMillen & Samuel McMillen — Age 21 and 23. Brothers Sam and Dan believe that their relationship did not truly start until last summer, when they both came out and told each other they were gay. While growing up, neither one felt comfortable coming out, but after doing so, they have discovered a new bond with one another and have become much closer.

Meghan Rickey & Cheyne Whitney — Both age 23. Meghan and Cheyne met on a grade-school tetherball court. Ten years later, they became a couple and have been going strong ever since. Other than a six-month period where Meghan studied in Italy, the couple has been nearly inseparable.

Ericka Dunlap & Brian Kleinschmidt — Both age 27. After meeting Ericka in college nine years ago, and asking her out every week until she said yes, Brian’s persistence finally paid off. Ericka decided to give him a chance, and the two have now been married for over two years. The fact that Ericka won the Miss America crown in 2004 might give us some clue as to why Brian was so persistent.

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