Season Two of 90210 Premieres Tonight!

By Emily Mitchell

Like Melrose Place, The CW has recreated another former ’90s success to cater to a new generation of viewers; one that is highly sensationalized, sexualized and succulent. The CW’s popular teen lineup, which also includes the previously mentioned Melrose Place, and the second season of 90210, begin tonight.

Last season ended like a more dramatic episode of MTV’s Sixteen and Pregnant mixed with an episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen, with a cliffhanger of an ending that has kept audiences waiting since May.

On prom night, Navid was at the hospital with Adriana as she gave birth to a daughter. Adriana gave her to new adoptive parents. Meanwhile, the post-prom shenanigans began with an after-party at Naomi’s house. The relationship between Dixon and Silver seems to be on the fray after Dixon discovers that his best friend, Ethan, has a major crush on Silver. Dixon’s romantic relationship and friendship is at stake, and audiences are left wondering who Silver will choose.

Naomi’s crush, Liam, hooks up with Naomi’s sister Jen, since Naomi has failed to arrive at her own party, due to her presence at the hospital with Adriana. Of course Naomi discovers Liam re-dressing in a bedroom when she arrives, but Naomi has assumed that Annie was the girl Liam hooked up with. Naomi approaches Annie and accuses her, and Annie can’t get a word out because Naomi and the rest of the party pause to put in their two-cents about other issues they had with Annie. Annie leaves the party, calls the cops to report underage drinking, then grabs a bottle of vodka herself and drives away.

At the end of the episode, Liam is taken away to Colorado for Denver’s Wilderness Therapy Program because of skipping school and stolen credit cards. The cops bust Naomi’s party. Annie is involved in a hit-and-run; she doing the hitting and the running because she has been drinking.

The new season has much to offer: new romances, new characters, and the new Beverly Hills Beach Club.

Joining the cast is Rumer Willis, who plays Gia, a journalist who joins Blaze. Also joining the cast is Trevor Donovan, who plays tennis star Teddy Montgomery.

Also this season, Naomi is back with a vengeance towards Annie. But Annie has much more to worry about … a “sexting” controversy and her hit-and-run all come full circle.

Liam is back from the wild, trying to win Naomi back. And then there is Silver, who struggles to pull herself together from last season’s drama with Dixon.

Catch the new season of 90210 tonight, Sept. 8 at 8pm ET on The CW.