“True Blood”: Godric, We Hardly Knew You

Godric prepares for his final exit.
Godric prepares for his final exit.

By Elaine Bergstrom

Possibly the most original vampire to ever hit the screen — large or small — is gone, self destructed by the sunrise in part, he tells Sookie, “Because I don’t think like a vampire any more.” As he waits for the sunrise, he asks her: “How will He punish me?”

Sookie: “God doesn’t punish. God forgives.”

Godric: “I don’t deserve it, but I hope for it.”

And as the sun rises, he looks at Sookie. “A human with me at the end. And human tears. 2,000 years and I can still be surprised.”

But not surprised enough to leave his shirt on and go inside before sunrise. He went out in a burst of light befitting his enlightened state and I doubt he will make a return visit to the series.  I visited the official True Blood site, because I wanted to check that I’d heard his “2,000 years” comment correctly, because he’d said earlier that he was older than Christ. There wasn’t even a character sketch for Godric. Perhaps his presence would have moved the show in a more philosophical and less edgy direction. And I can gleefully immerse myself in the sex and violence and eccentricities of the less enlightened characters, but I will miss the ancient vampire.

With Godric’s end, the plot unfortunately shifts back to Bon Temps and Maryann’s growing menace. So far, I haven’t cared about Maryann, but in the Aug. 23 episode “The World in My View” (which I think should have been called “Bad Blood” given the effect Maryann’s blood had on Bill), it’s apparent that she poses a growing threat to the vampires as well as the humans, if only because she tends to kill what she can’t control. In addition, when Sookie defends Bill and Maryann attacks her, both women discover that Sookie has powers she did not know she had. It will likely make Sookie even more of a target.

Sookie’s power may be the goodness in her. Hints of this come as cousin Lafayette and mom Lettie Mae pray over Tara to help her reclaim her humanity. This led to one of the night’s best lines. As Lafayette finished the prayer for Tara that Lettie Mae began, he takes a drink of whiskey and comments, “Jesus and I agreed to see other people. That don’t mean we don’t talk from time to time.” Second greatest line came from an empowered Jason, who declares as he heads off to Bon Temps, “This is the war I’ve been training for.” But of course, he forgot that in war  you have to kill the enemy and how can he do that to his possessed friends?

In Bon Temps, the odd trio of Jason, Andy (why is he immune from the maenad?) and Sam save Merlotte’s from the out-of-control revelers. What’s nice is the menace is so tinged with humor, as when Hoyt’s conservative mom says that Maryann will “rip open Sam and serve him up like barbeque” or Jason pulling the silliest imitation of a god since Andre the Giant donned the burning cloak in The Princess Bride, then smiting Sam who simply shifted into something very tiny and got away. There are only two more episodes, so I expect things to get even sillier.

And there may be help coming as Bill visits the queen of the vampires (Evan Rachel Wood) for advice.  I also expect that Sam will finally come out of the closet and Andy’s immunity to Maryann’s powers to be explained.

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  1. This was an exciting episode, despite the domination of the maenad storyline (maybe I’m just excited that that particular part of the plot is ending?). You and I always agree as to the best line of the night! That was my favorite Lafayette moment of this season. Besides the Jason line you mention here, the other one that cracked me up was when Sam talked about the death of a new waitress at Merlotte’s (Daphne), and Jason perked right up: “You have a new waitress at Merlotte’s?”

    I loved last week’s episode, too, but I was extremely disappointed at the death of Godric. He absolutely fascinated me.

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