“Desperate Housewives” – Gaby’s younger nemesis

Maiara Walsh
Maiara Walsh

By Elaine Bergstrom

In last season’s finale of Desperate Housewives, we got a glimpse of Ana, Carlos’ niece, as she walked up to their home. A first glance, she made me think of Lolita. But Maiara Walsh, who plays Ana, says the real problem with Ana, at least from Gabrielle’s point of view, will turn out to be that woman and girl are so much alike. So expect that, when the new season begins on Sept. 27, sparks will soon be flying.

Walsh, best known for playing Meena Paroom on the teen comedy Cory in the House, had just begun shooting her scenes when I spoke with her, but was already having fun with her role. “I really like playing Ana because she is very different than I am in real life, so this allows me to stretch into new territories,” she says.

And how is life on the set different than on Cory? “I am working with — I don’t want to say older people as in old — but more mature. They have their careers and life and everything going. With Cory it was more a young, fun, joking around all the time sort of thing. I think it’s also really nice to be working on a show that has dramatic sides to it as well. Cory was sitcom and had very big comedy and this is more realistic in its comedy. I feel so grateful to be working with such talented actors; it helps me be a better actor as well.”

With the arrival of Ana, the return of Susan’s daughter Julie and a new teenage boy on Wisteria Lane, I ask if the series will be focusing a bit more on the younger cast members this season. “I definitely do think they are bringing younger characters to the show and they will have interesting storylines with each other as well as with the more seasoned characters.”

One thing Walsh hopes is that viewers will not judge Ana too harshly. “[Viewers] will see why Ana acts the way she does.”

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