ESPN’s “E:60”: Larry Fitzgerald, Davorte Kelly and Pat Venditte

By Ryan

E:60Features on the Tuesday, Aug. 18 (7pm ET) edition of ESPN’s sports newsmagazine series E:60:

Larry Fitzgerald E:60 profiles acrobatic and unstoppable wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who helped the Arizona Cardinals reach Super Bowl XLIII. E:60 follows Fitzgerald through his rigorous offseason workouts, as well as jet skiing, and playing basketball games with NFL stars. E:60 also looks at his relationship with his mother. Rachel Nichols reports.

Davonte Kelly E:60 tells the story of 11-year-old Davonte Kelly, a Brooklyn, N.Y., baseball player who survived being shot in the head while awaiting his turn on team picture day. Just two weeks after doctors found a 9 mm bullet lodged in his skull, Kelly threw out the first pitch at a Mets game, and has since returned to the field playing second base. Lisa Salters reports.

Pat Venditte When Pat Venditte was 3 years old, his father thought: If baseball has switch hitters, why not switch pitchers? Hence, the first ambidextrous pitcher in the history of modern professional baseball, baffling hitters this year with both his right and left arms as a reliever in the New York Yankees’ farm system, was created. Tom Farrey reports.

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