A&E to spotlight the man behind “The Cleaner”

A&E will reveal the unconventional world of Warren Boyd, the real-life inspiration for A&E’s hit drama The Cleaner in Extreme Interventionist: The Man Behind The Cleaner. The one-hour documentary special, narrated by Meredith Vieira, will premiere Tuesday, August 11 at 11pm ET on A&E.


Boyd (above, left) — a former addict now sober for more than 18 years — dedicates his life to helping addicts into recovery utilizing very unconventional methods. His personal journey inspired the A&E drama series The Cleaner, starring Benjamin Bratt (above, right) as an uncommon hero who takes a by-any-means-necessary approach to save others from addiction.

Now, for the first time ever, Boyd opens up and allows cameras to delve inside his very real, highly secretive world of extreme intervention and hands-on treatment in Extreme Interventionist: The Man Behind The Cleaner.

The documentary looks at Boyd’s battle with addiction, his recovery and subsequent dedication as counselor and extreme interventionist to numerous clients ranging from high-profile names to perfect strangers. The special details how he manages a handful of sober living facilities, safe houses, and a team of highly skilled private investigators who also act as compassionate counselors helping addicts build a sense of purpose and engage in adrenaline inducing activities to replace the high of drugs. Viewers will also meet some of his former clients who are now in recovery including actor Ashley Hamilton whose struggle with a heroin addiction led him to more than 30 rehab programs until Boyd helped him get sober in 2004. And, we’ll see Boyd at work as co-executive producer on “The Cleaner,” where he directly inspires Benjamin Bratt’s character and day-to-day brings his experience to add credible, real world grittiness and authenticity to the series.

Photo: Jay Silverman, courtesy of A&E

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