The Real World Cancun: Episode 4

By Emily Mitchell

This show was filled with new love interests for four of the housemates. (Maybe we should re-define the term “love” as sex.) The courting was quite entertaining. And there was also a family death for one of the cast mates.The fourth episode, titled “Cancun Casanovas”, centered on the spring break crowds entering Cancun, spurring the housemates to find prospective hook-up partners. With the bad blood between Ayiiia and Emilee over after Ayiiia apologized, the gang gets ready to celebrate Derek’s 21st birthday.

Derek’s brother, Bo, and his ex-boyfriend, Kyle, come to Cancun to celebrate. However, upon arrival Kyle hooks up with an older guy and ditches Derek. It is revealed that Derek and Kyle have broken up twice, and that Derek always runs back to Kyle. But Derek is done with him, and is ready to move on.

They all have a great night out, hitting up their favorite haunt DadyO’s, leaving most of the housemates extremely drunk. Joey manages to get the number of a girl named Jocelyn, whose pick-up line to him was “What size are your gages?” Yes, as in the gages in his ears. Charming.

The next day, the housemates have their first orientation with, where they will be employed to supervise the throes of spring breakers who signed up to be chaperoned. Again, three rules are emphasized to employees:

  1. NO FRATERNIZING with Studentcity travelers.
  2. No public intoxication anywhere, even when employees are not working. Students may recognize them.
  3. No contests — wet T-shirt, hottest bod (sorry CJ), etc.

Jasmine takes notice of their boss’s assistant, Pat, a Canadian who also DJs.

CJ is trying his chops at dating as well. He has a major crush on a hotel employee, Jacqueline, who is a Cancun native. CJ really wants to ask her on a date, so he writes her a note, asking her to “check yes or no” if she would like to go on a date with him. She says yes, and so he plans to take her on a double date with fellow housemate Joey and his girl Jocelyn.

The date takes place at a steakhouse, where CJ learns that Jacqueline is a vegetarian.That can pretty much sum up the awkwardness of the date for CJ. They do not seem to have much in common, but they do kiss goodbye. And Joey and Jocelyn head back to the hotel together to hook up, leaving CJ to sleep on the couch this time around.

The next day, Joey gets terrible news from home. His Nana has passed away. CJ and the rest of the housemates comfort him, and he goes to Florida for her service.

While he is away, Derek meets a new boy, Tyler. The only problem: he is on Studentcity, which is the number one rule that Derek breaks. Tyler slips off his Studentcity wristband that identifies him as a traveler, and they continue their romance. They hook up numerous times back at the house. When Tyler leaves, they are both very sad. It was a sort of rebound for Derek, who had just cut ties with an ex a few days before.

But Derek’s new love isn’t the only relationship that dies; CJ and Jacqueline are no more. She tells him that she does not want to be “just one more on your list”, and that she wants to be friends but nothing more. CJ deserves this rejection. At least someone has their head on straight in the relationship department: it’s not gonna last.

The episode ends as Joey comes back to Cancun from his grandma’s funeral. Bronne picks him up, holding a cardboard sign that reads “Garbage Band Trash Emo Kid.” Bronne is the funniest in the house. Until next week …