The Real World Cancun: Episode Three

By Emily Mitchell

This episode, titled “I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It (At First),” featured the first hook-up between housemates. And yes, it was between two girls. As more and more episodes pass, the housemates begin to open up about their personal lives, and one mentions they have had an abortion. But before we get to those things, we have to discuss the ever-dividing relationship between the guys and the girls.


Jonna does not click with the girls in the house, and is accepted more among the boys. At the beginning of the episode, it is obvious that the “girl clique” of Emilee, Ayiiia, and Jasmine have a problem with Jonna never wanting to be around them. Ayiiia even says, “I’m jealous of Jonna with the boys. She can open up to them but not us.”

The girls are becoming notorious for being annoying and causing drama. Joey has had enough. “My brain is overloaded with stupid girls acting like they’re 10. It’s annoying as hell.”

The ringleader of the girls is Ayiiia, who seems to be involved with every argument the housemates have. Examples:

– Ayiiia goes missing at a club when the gang is ready to go home for the night. They search for her for 45 minutes, and when they find her it turns out she has been waiting outside a different exit for the group the whole time. It causes tension among everyone, especially CJ.

– “Ayiiia, who made you queen of the castle?” Jonna has had enough of Ayiiia’s bossy attitude and short temper when Ayiiia barks orders to help clean the kitchen and porch. The kitchen is loaded with dirty dishes, and Ayiiia has the right to be mad at people not cleaning up after themselves, but her approach at asking for help was one of anger and edge. Joey puts it best, saying “She demands respect when she talks to people like shit.” Yeah, that rarely happens. Ayiiia also puts her frustration on a note that she tapes in the kitchen that says “If you are willing to f***ing eat, you are willing to clean.”
     To escape the madness, the boys and Jonna go out to eat. The girls are left at home, but later decide to go out clubbing for a girl’s night, purposely not inviting Jonna. Jonna is obviously hurt by this, saying “I hate the feeling of being left out.” The other three girls just shove it in her face.

Now to the hookup between … Ayiiia and Emilee. After clubbing, the girls are inebriated. The girls film a session in the confessional room, claiming their love and crushes toward one another. They have a “girl sleepover”, and the infamous night vision camera goes to work. The next morning, they both realize what went down and simply laugh it off.

Emilee says, “We both have bisexual tendencies. I have hooked up with chicks, but I have never dated any girls.” Ayiiia admits to Emilee that she was “her first”. After that, Ayiiia tells Emilee and Jasmine about why she has so much hate towards guys in general, and it is shocking.

Ayiiia tells the girls while lounging in the hot tub,

“I f***ing hate guys. I have such an issue with guys because my ex-boyfriend, who I had an abortion with … dumped me a week before I had the abortion.” Later, in the confessional, a more candid and weeping Ayiiia laments, “You couldn’t wait another f***ing week just to be there? I trusted him. It sucks. That f***ing messed me up.”

As a viewer, this confession is shocking. Ayiiia has put up so many walls, it is surprising for her to be so honest and open.

As the girls continue to bond, so do the boys. They have a “guy’s night out” and go to a gay club for housemate Derek. Bronne really wants to get into it, so he has Derek make him over. “Gay me,” he tells Derek. “I have a v-neck on — that’s totally gay. I have tight dark jeans and a trendy belt.” Not to mention a new hairstyle. Emilee and Jasmine want to go, but take too long to get ready so the boys just leave them. They are not happy at all.

The next morning, the housemates have to be ready by 8:30am to be picked up for a tour of places they will be going with their employer, Early morning wake-ups are never easy, and it doesn’t help that the boys are still drunk from the night before. Emilee has had enough, and when they begin to tease her, she goes ballistic.

The rest of the day, she pouts and does not participate with the housemates as they snorkel, swim with dolphins, and go on zip lines. Jasmine stays by her side, but Ayiiia is sick of the drama and doesn’t support Emilee. Emilee is pissed because she always has had Ayiiia’s back, but Ayiiia has proven that she doesn’t feel the same about Emilee.

At the end of the day, Emilee feels bad for being a sourpuss, so she and Jasmine extend apologies to the boys as well as Jonna. “I felt bad at the end of the day. I was loud and obnoxious. You’re not always going to like everyone, and not everyone is always going to like you. I can learn from these people and grow from them.”

Emilee and Jasmine are seeing that Ayiiia is not someone they want to be associated with, and the guys couldn’t agree more. CJ tells them, “Aiiiya is the one person in every argument. Ayiiia is the ringleader, and Emilee and Jasmine are at her beck and call. They are finally seeing it.”

Emilee adds, “She’s preventing friendships from forming.”

The roomies decide to stay in one night and play cards, but Ayiiia does not take part. “I’m just going to drink wine and watch them act like fools.”

So the tables have turned in the house. Emilee and Jasmine are now bonding with Jonna and the boys, while Ayiiia is becoming more and more bitter about her situation. Until next week …

Photo Credit: MTV