Laurie Explains Bizarre “She’s Got The Look” Striptease

Last week’s impromptu bit of toplessness stunned the judges, fellow contestants and viewers and garnered over 140,000 viewings on YouTube. Now, Laurie offers an explanation, chalking her wild antics up to desperately trying to find a way to get kicked off the show.

In true Laurie fashion, though, she rambles and changes her point way too often to make you believe she had any idea what she was doing other than trying to shock people. Apparently God was wanting her to be vulnerable, and she was telling herself to be transparent, then she was fed up with the criticism of the judges — especially Kim Alexis, whom she says is a hypocrite for judging other women while being “65 pounds” off her target weight. Then she didn’t think it was fair for someone like her, who does not seek out the media, but is so often found by them, to compete with women who might be getting their only shot at widespread attention. She believed the show already had been rigged for her to emerge the winner.

Thanks, Laurie. That explains it.

That’s not all, though. In separate videos, Laurie goes on to explain how she’s going to live to be 113, how she has seen “what awaits us in another dimension,” and how her antics are really a product of her childlike exuberance.

Should we be laughing at this woman? There might be some genuine mental illness at work here.

Catch the latest, presumably Laurie-free, episode of She’s Got the Look tonight on TV Land.