Stanley Hammered It For Me With “Hammertime”

Stanely Burrell (MC Hammer)
Stanley Burrell (MC Hammer)

By Anna Belle
You can’t pay me enough to watch those lame reality shows. I wouldn’t be caught dead watching Survivor (but I do play the office pool), and I roll my eyes when my co-workers get all excited over the latest American Idol winner.

But I was glued to my set Sunday to watch back-to-back episodes of Hammertime on A&E and was thankful I DVR’d them so I could watch them again last night.

I’m not sure yet what piqued my interest when I first saw the press release in early February about the “new, original series” following the life of dancer MC Hammer and his family of seven. I had always been fascinated by his dance moves but wasn’t particularly impressed with his music.

But I don’t argue with what gets my juices going so when the “what might you be interested in blogging about” list came out, I signed up for Hammertime and enthusiastically watched it and man was I, 1) happy I did, and 2) really, really impressed.

First off, he’s no Kendra, which I was pleased about (I read somewhere she had to have her tongue surgically removed from the back of her teeth). He IS the father of five, the male figure in his nephew’s life and husband and best friend of 23 years to his wife Stephanie.

Stanley is also a supreme networker, a digital media expert, a short-form content creator on Twitter, and self-described hi-tech “geek.”

In the second episode, he was speaking on a digital media panel at Stanford University. He invited his nephew along to show him the campus (which he planned for months) and had his nephew’s mentor (Coach Carter) just accidentally on-purpose be there to meet with them.

If he was an octopus, 8 tentacles wouldn’t be enough for him — he’s got that many things up in the air at one time. I signed up for a Twitter account just to see what’s happening with him.

Each 30-minute episode goes by so fast, and I found myself waiting anxiously for him to (I hate to say this) bust-a-move. But I know from the sneak preview I’ll be seeing plenty of that in the episodes to come.

Stanley Burrell: © 2009 AETN/Adrienne Brawley