Five Fabulous Flicks, Plus Two

Start the weekend — and next week — right with these films airing June 5-11. All times ET

Casino Royale (2006)
With this film, Daniel Craig overcame the doubt and skepticism of many to become arguably the most thrilling new James Bond since Sean Connery. Playing a more human version of the quintessential superspy, Craig brings a depth and vulnerability absent from previous incarnations. Based on the original Ian Fleming story, this is an appropriate rebirth for the franchise and easily one of the best in the series. USA, 8pm ET

June 6
16 Blocks
In 1994 Bruce Willis played washed-up boxer Butch Coolidge, who wouldn’t throw a match, in Pulp Fiction. Here, he plays alcoholic cop Jack Mosley, who is chosen to escort a star witness the 16 blocks from his police station the courthouse. If you loved him as Butch, don’t miss him as Jack in a story with enough twists and action to make it ideal Saturday night viewing. Sleuth, 7pm

June 7
Stand By Me (1986)
Simply the best version of a Stephen King story ever made, this is a rare and beautiful coming-of-age story about the close friendship between four boys who set out on an overnight journey to find the body of a boy their age who disappeared. Stars Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix and Corey Feldman, plus a fabulous supporting role for a young Kiefer Sutherland, playing a character far removed from the heroic Jack Bauer. CMT, 8pm

June 8
Cookie’s Fortune
Robert Altman’s flair for ensembles was in as fine a form as ever with this quirky film. When Jewel-Mae “Cookie” Orcutt’s nieces discover her body, they shudder to think of how a suicide will affect the family name. So, they conjure up a burglary-murder with fingers pointed straight at Cookie’s best friend. As the investigation unfolds over Easter weekend in the small Southern town, all the eccentric family’s secrets are finally revealed. With Glenn Close, Julianne Moore, Charles Dutton and Patricia Neal. MoviePlex, 11pm ET

June 9
Rocky Balboa (2007)
When renewed interest in Balboa due to his appearance in a boxing video game causes the media to speculate whether he might be the best fighter, pound for pound, of all time, the Italian Stallion reluctantly enters the spotlight — and the ring — one last time. Far from the unnecessary cash-in disaster many feared, Sylvester Stallone puts a nice coda on the long-running character’s career and retires him in style. FX, 8pm ET

June 10
Million Dollar Baby
Hilary Swank shines in Clint Eastwood’s Academy Award-winning film about a life-calloused trainer and the young woman he coaches to make a name for herself in the squared circle. Unable to forgive himself for his painful estrangement from his own daughter, Frankie (Eastwood) is unsure about opening up and letting Maggie (Swank) into his life, particularly since the one thing life has taught him is to protect yourself at all times. Oxygen, 9pm ET

June 11
One of our favorite so-bad-it’s-good movies of all time. Isolated townies battle giant killer subterranean creatures that detect movement through tremors in the ground. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward are the reluctant heroes, two bumbling handymen intent on leaving town until they find themselves trapped. Michael Gross and Reba McEntire are hilarious as the gun-crazy, armed-for-Armageddon couple, Bert and Heather Gummer. The perfect blend of sci fi, action and silliness. MoviePlex, 9:20pm ET