“The Closer” Opens Its New Season On June 8

The cast of The Closer Season 5
The cast of "The Closer" Season 5

I don’t know about you, but I’m all set for the new season of “The Closer.”

I watched Speed Bump on Monday (June 1) and all it did was whet my appetite for upcoming NEW episodes. But I love old episodes too. There are episodes from the first season that I watch over and over and over again. When Jason O’Mara showed up in the first season in Fatal Retraction — well that was one of my favorites and I bet I DVR’d the heck out of that one. Plus the final episode of Season 1 (Standards & Practices) where Andy Flynn tells Capt. Taylor that he’s putting in his papers for a permanent transfer — I knew after seeing that one that I’d be seeing many seasons of “The Closer.”

But I’m “good” at recognizing quality TV when I see it … “Law & Order”, “CSI” (the original) … I should have been a TV Critic. But then I’d be forced to watch all kinds of bad TV as well and I just couldn’t stand that.

For those of you who have been wondering about Sgt. Gabriel and Det. Daniels and their break-up, word has it that Detective Daniels has been promoted. Sgt. Gabriel is easy on the eyes, but he’s so anal in a policeman sort of way. Their break-up had been disrupting the squad. In the episode Double Blind (on the eve of Brenda & Fritz’s wedding no less), Det. Daniels hauls off and slaps Gabriel a good one when he makes a very lewd un-Gabriel like comment and Provenza has to order them both to stand down.

Ricardo Ramos (Stephen Martines), the nosey reporter from the Los Angeles Times, returns to poke around in Brenda’s cases and, coming from someone who is a happy member of the Tribune family, I assure you, there is no one remotely like that employed at the Los Angeles Times.

The arc for the new season of “The Closer” is “change.” Some of that is evident in the very first episode. When the quadruple murder the squad is investigating has something to do with an ongoing FBI investigation, Brenda asks Fritz for his opinion, but when he offers to help, she turns him down.

See what I mean about “change”? For a while I was worried that Brenda mellowed after her marriage, but no worries.

At the moment, it looks like we won’t be seeing Billy Burke back as the slimy defense attorney who literally got away with rape in Season 4’s Power of Attorney. But it’s hard to say because one of my sources lists only 6 episodes with synopses and one of my other sources has a list of 8 episodes without any synopses and each season averages 15 episodes.

Can you name the criminals that made it through not one but two interrogations by Brenda? Jason O’Mara as Bill Croelick and Douglas Sills as Dennis Dutton. Trust me, I’d bet $10 that Billy Burke returns in an upcoming episode, but not in Season 5. Are there any takers out there in TV Land?

As things develop, I’ll keep you posted, so stay tuned for more interesting facts on “The Closer.” If you miss an episode, you can go to TNT and watch full episodes online. Or, I’ll recap them for you here. Enjoy the new season.

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Photo: (Top) © 2009 TNT. Credit: Andrew Eccles