“The Cougar” Finale Airs Tonight

It’s down to Jimmy and Colt, so Stacey decides to introduce them to her children. Who will be the perfect match and possible stepfather to 16-year-old Graham, 14 year-old Delaney and 8 year-old Tatum? When Jimmy meets the kids, Graham makes it clear that he is very protective of his mother. However, Stacey is thrilled when she sees Colt bonding with her kids. After two successful family dates, Stacey is torn about her decision more than ever. She arranges for one final date with both men to determine who is really interested in a long term commitment. In the end, Stacey must make one of the hardest decisions of her life. Watch the season finale tonight at 10 on TV Land to find out who Stacey ultimately chooses.