“The Cougar” Preview: Vegas Nights

This week, Stacey takes the final three suitors — Colt, Jimmy and Travis — to Las Vegas for a series of exciting and intimate dates. Will any of them be invited to spend the night in Stacey’s suite? On her first date, Stacey takes Jimmy out for a joy ride as they race cars on a Las Vegas speedway. The next day, Stacey goes on a romantic spa date with Travis and things get hot and steamy in the shower. For the final date, Stacey plans to take Colt on a helicopter ride over the Vegas strip but is stunned to learn that Colt is afraid of heights! Will he get on the helicopter ride with Stacey or will he bail out? Finally, Stacey and the guys return to Los Angeles, and Stacey consults with Vivica A. Fox before gathering the finalists for the kiss-off. Stacey faces her toughest kiss-off yet as she has to break one of the guy’s hearts. The final two are chosen and are ready to fight till the end for Stacey’s heart.

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