“The Cougar” Preview: Meet The Families

It’s finally down to the final four — Adam, Colt, Jimmy and Travis — and it’s time to meet their families. Things get off to a rocky start for Stacey, as Travis’ mother is very concerned about the 19-year age gap between her son and Stacey. Later in the evening, Stacey instantly connects with Jimmy’s parents even though they don’t shy away from asking the tough questions. The following day Colt introduces his two brothers to Stacey. Immediately, they let Stacey know how protective they are of Colt. And on the final date Stacey is reunited with Adam’s twin brother — Grant. At the end of the family dates Stacey decides whether or not to invite one suitor to spend a night with her in “The Cougar Den.” In the end, Stacey makes the most difficult decision yet and eliminates one of the final four suitors. Now it’s time for Stacey and the final three to head off to sin city … Las Vegas!!

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