Farewell To “Earl” … At Least On NBC

By Ryan

First heard about on Ethan Suplee’s Twitter feed, and confirmed by Zap2it today, My Name Is Earl isn’t on NBC’s 2009 fall schedule. I guess we’re disappointed, but not totally surprised. As a follower of the show from the beginning, and a blogger of the show for the past two seasons, I’ve observed the show’s steady decline. But it always felt like Greg Garcia and company still had plenty of list items left in them, and I was hoping that getting back to simpler stories of a guy and his list in Season 4 might spark a comeback. Alas.

Perhaps if they’d only taken our advice and used more Dan Coscino.

Zap2it suggests that perhaps ABC or FOX might rescue Earl. But I’d hate to see the show suffer the same fate as the once great Scrubs — canceled, resurrected, awful, canceled again, resurrected but now totally different. Just end it already. It’s like Brett Favre with the Vikings. Just pisses people off.

So if we’ve seen the last of Earl, Randy, Joy and Crab Man, then so be it. We enjoyed the El Camino ride.

[Update: There’s a EarlTwitition (a petition on Twitter) to try and save the show, or at least convince ABC or FOX to pick it up.]

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