And Now, A Public Service Announcement

NBC’s award-winning series of public service announcements called “The More You Know” is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, making it the longest-running network public service campaign. Since 1989, hundreds of stars, and two U.S. presidents, have taken part in these messages designed to raise awareness of critical social issues. You might know them; they go along the lines of something like these:

Now, these PSAs are part of the season finale of The Celebrity Apprentice, airing this Sunday on NBC. Joan Rivers and Annie Duke, the two remaining finalists, will be creating their own “The More You Know” messages, highlighting their respective charities. The women will be collaborating with Susan Haspel, co-creator and executive producer of “The More You Know,” and the series’ award-winning director, Brad Gensurowsky. Their PSAs will debut during the finale. So now you know.

And, in the interest of giving you even more to know, we felt it was in the public interest to present a couple of other notable television PSA series from days gone by. After all, knowing is half the battle:


Credit: NBC