American Idol Wants To Rock!

Paula Abdul was addicted to painkillers for years. Shocking. It’s like finding out Clay Aiken is gay.

Ryan tells us that there was an accident right before the show started with glass exploding everywhere. That’s putting it mildly. To get the on the scene reporting, check out MJ’s Twitter account.

We get a Slash package, which omits that David Bowie was a father figure. I learned that this weekend. Seriously, check out Wikipedia.

For those of you who may not approve of the Rock and or Roll, let me share a little something with you. Rock can be learned to teach the impressionable youth about many things.

Adam Lambert – Whole Lotta Love by Led Zepplin
I love the Zep. Adam’s saying this is his favorite theme week & he’s looking to kill it. He’s way glammed out. Folks who hate the glam in Glambert are gonna hate it. I LOVE it. This was probably the most conventional performance of his. There was no trace of the showtune/Broadway element in this performance, and he wisely keeps the ‘woman, you need.’ Randy calls it hot. Kara called him a rock God & screamed ‘yes’ about a million times. Paula thinks he’s a whole lotta perfect. Simon teases that the performance was understated. Seriously he thinks it’s one of his favorite performances of Adam’s & no one is going to top him. Way to jinx him, Simon.

Allison Iraheta — Cry Baby by Janis Joplin
From the slightly demure Allison of last week, we get the drug-addicted, boozehound, chain-smoking Allison this week. It’s not her fault. There’s no way to sing a Janis song without having that quality to the song. Randy didn’t think that was the right song choice. Kara agrees, but wants to give her the prop for having personality. I want to give Kara props for having the ponytail poof at the top of her head. Paula thinks Allison is fearless. Simon gives this long convoluted feedback that’s partially good, partially condescending, and finally Allison has had it. He didn’t like the song choice & gave other suggestions. Allison, to her credit, fights for her song choice.

Duet time! Danny Gokey and Kris Allen singing Styx’s “Renegade.” Man, I want Haverchuck to come out on stage, staring down the bully down the alley. You can see what I’m talking about above. It’s at about minute 9 or so. I know the guy who played Haverchuck is a full-on grown up now. Let me have my fantasy. Dallas rules! Both of the guys are screaming it, which prompts Kathy to tell them to give it a rest. Both have to sing their solo songs after this. You know, the thing that people actually vote for. Even though this song ‘doesn’t count’ the judges still get to blah, blah, blah a bunch of worthless nonsense. Simon just laughs it off.

Since I assume this means that Allison and Adam’s duet will happen at the end of the show, I can hear the Adam conspiracy theorists now.

Kris Allen — Come Together by The Beatles
Kris, Kris, Kris, whatever folks think of last year’s Carly Smithson, she did a great version of this song last year. That’s a little too recent in American Idol memory. Slash hopes Kris livens up his actual performance. I’m wondering if Kris connected with the lyrics of this particular song, since that’s his usual song choice requirement. Was it the part about the guy with feet down to his knees that Kris connected with, or perhaps the line he wear no shoeshine he got toe-jam football? Randy liked the guitar work, which was like Paula saying you look beautiful. Kara just didn’t like it. Paula said something about artistry, so I took a drink of my water. Simon didn’t like it that much & compared it to eating ice for lunch — it’ll leave you with nothing. Simon even thought the song was boring, which I think went a bit too far. It is a bit of a classic. Simon seems to have tuned out this season.

Danny Gokey — Dream On by Aerosmith
Can Danny hit THE note? Can he? We haven’t heard him hit any note like that at all this entire season. Slash thinks it could go either way. Danny certainly didn’t choose to style himself like a rock star. He looks ok, but a purple dress shirt & suit vest don’t really scream ‘rocker’ to, well, anyone. For some reason he adds in a weird little ‘doo, doo dew’ in the middle. Not sure what that was for. He’s also doing this ‘yeu’ ‘teu’ thing. It’s annoying. Randy gives him an A+ for effort. Kara thought he took the judges comments too far. Paula wasn’t sure it was the right song for him, either, but gives him an A++ for effort. Simon thought the last note was like a horror movie. I can’t wait to hear what Idolatry says about him clapping for himself again. Apparently Danny doesn’t watch. Or he does & wants to tweak Michael Slezak.

Update: What is it about this song and the suit vest? I re-watched the Michael Johns version, and Danny mimicked his outfit, minus the ascot. Thank the good Lord above. What is it about Aerosmith’s “Dream On” that prompts supposedly sane people into performing in semi-formalwear? Michael also omitted the ‘doo doo dew’ line. That must be why he was voted off the show.

Duet time! Allison and Adam are doing Foghat’s “Slow Ride.” Um, ok. I wouldn’t have picked that particular song. Most of it is ‘slow ride, take it easy’ over & over again. Not the most exciting lyrics, but makes for easy learning, and they sound good together. You can tell that they were doing it just to have fun & not try to ‘win’ with it, which made it fun to watch. Adam thinks Allison’s his little sister. They go to the hairdresser together! Squeal! On another note, The producers seem to want Danny gone, since in the ‘recap’ they play his really horrible last note.

It’s a tough call, though. Who will go home tomorrow? Your votes will decide, America.

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  1. Right now I’m thinking anyone who doesn’t recognize that Adam is the best performer and deserves to win needs to have his/her head examined. Especially since Gokey laid a big stinky one on the stage last night.

    Sorry, Milwaukee & America, but it’s time to put the ‘go’ in Gokey.

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