“The Office” Recap: Casual Friday

At least once a year, Kevin likes to bring in his “famous” chili. The secret is to undercook the onions. Another more important secret is to not dump the entire pot on the office floor. Poor Kevin — this is actually the thing that he does best. It’s not the only disaster that occurs at Dunder Mifflin Scranton this week, though. It’s casual Friday, so there are plenty of fashion disasters: Meredith’s dress turns her into a walking peep show (and unfortunately, to her, casual Friday means no panties); Kelly wears an outfit that, no matter what the hot new receptionist Erin might say, does not make her look like J.Lo, and Creed is oddly unsettling (even for him) in a breezy all-white ensemble.

Pam and Phyllis show up in the same outfit, which, at first, leads to a shared laugh — but then things turn ugly when Phyllis confronts Pam about her sales tactics during her time with the Michael Scott Paper Company. It’s the first sign of the resentment the sales team feels toward Pam and Ryan, who have been allowed to keep the clients the MSPC stole from Dunder Mifflin. Oblivious as usual, Michael feels the sales team owes him an apology for not following him to his new company, and he begins to favor his former MSPC employees. The preferential treatment he gives them creates a divide between the two factions, and suddenly Dwight is organizing a secret meeting in the warehouse and it’s “on like a prawn who yawns at dawn.”

Just as things are about to get out of hand and Michael throws “seed money” in the faces of Dwight, Phyllis, Andy and Stanley, Jim steps in and plays peacemaker. He eventually gets to Michael, who offers his disgruntled workers some complimentary white chocolate bark as an apology — and gets reprimanded by Darryl for once again building a fort in the warehouse. They pass on his first offer, so he gives in and gives them their clients back, but that means he has to fire either Pam or Ryan since they’re aren’t enough clients to go around. Ultimately, he chooses to keep Pam but not without one of his patented fake firings, which he finds hilarious and decides to repeat on Erin. In all fairness, it is funnier than the fake hiring he inflicted on Ryan earlier. We can’t wait for the next episode to see if Ryan takes back his old temp job …

Mike says

Best Moment: When Michael took the liberty of playing “NOSCRUB” for Jim in a game of SCRABBLE, which Creed proceeded to challenge. Clearly he was never a fan of TLC.

Best Quote: “I don’t know. I saw a crowd. Thought there might be a dogfight or something.” — Meredith, explaining why she crashed the sales team’s secret meeting in the warehouse

Employee of the Week: Dwight. He used urine to create invisible ink, brought in a pony sandwich for lunch and proved to be every bit as good as Michael when it comes to naming companies. We’d totally buy paper from the Schrute, Bernard, Lapin-Vance … Stanley Paper Company.

Ryan says

Best Moment: Dwight using the mug with Ryan’s face on it as a container for “invisible ink.”

Best Quote: “There may or may not be but definitely is a mutiny forming in the warehouse right now.” — Jim

Employee of the Week: Chiklis. (Shield-style, not Commish-style)

johnnysweeptheleg says

Best Moment: Meredith’s wardrobe malfunction. And by “Best” moment, I of course mean the best chance of having swine flu-like symptoms, following.

Best Quote: “He’s environmentally conscious, because his mom drives him to work every day.” — Jim’s “pro” for Ryan.

Employee of the Week: Meredith. Just because she’s our “Employee of the Week,” don’t fall in love with her, kid.