Edie Britt: Canned By The Economy

© 2004 ABC, Inc. Credit: Peter "Hopper" Stone

By ElaineB
Poor Edie Britt, frizzled by a live wire (and what could be more perfect) because the Desperate Housewives production had to cut costs by letting star Nicolette Sheridan and her huge paycheck go. Rumor has it that someone else may also exit the show in the last few episodes of this season. Now that Susan has been exposed as the driver of the car that killed Dave’s child and former wife, it’s quite possible that Mike will take the bullet for her since James Denton seems the next most expendable cast member and his exit would create some delicious tension early next season.

Of course, with sweetie Jackson (Gale Harold back on set after his motorcycle accident) about to present Susan with a ring, anything could happen. But would the series really survive without its beloved klutz?

The DH situation illustrates that even long-running hit series have problems in this tight economy. Every year, the stars come back for their raises and usually get them. But when producers have to cut costs, heads start to roll. It’s likely that DH will not be the only hit series making some cutbacks.

The economy is also affecting plotlines for the fall season, with plenty of upbeat comedies planned around what Hollywood sees as the amusing idea of surviving on less, including one about a group of upwardly mobile young singles who make do when they are Canned – a sort of Friends With Compensation.

On the bright side, fans of Leverage may have the economy to thank for the series’ return for another season. A show about a group of Robin Hood-style crooks swindling bankers, insurance agents and cold-hearted CEOs was just too deliciously topical to kill — hence, that wonderful final moment in what must have been a planned series finale when they all walked away from the group, then turned and walked back again looking mighty pleased with the reunion.

And finally, no word on whether polygamist Bill Henrickson will have to make due with two wives when Big Love returns.

Photo: © 2004 ABC, Inc. Credit: Peter “Hopper” Stone


  1. Of course the “adorkable” Gale Harold should be back on Dangerous Housewives next season!

  2. Fantastic!!! so very happy Gale will be back on tv…now, one can only hope Mr. cherry and ABC bring him back for season 6…

  3. WHAT EVER IT TAKES TO GET Gale back ,he is a great actor and beautiful,thanks MC

  4. Apparently, and it is pretty hush/hush at this point. The season’s finale includes a WEDDING. Gale Harold fans, take note, this could mean another season for Jackson! – ElaineB

  5. You’re so right: Jackson is a sweetie, and I’m so glad to see Gale Harold 100% recovered. I’ve missed Jackson with Susan, Mike and MJ. Looking forward to Sunday!

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