Obama Speech Bumps Penultimate “Scrubs” To Next Week

President Obama’s speech Wednesday night pre-empted the next-to-last episode of Scrubs, and creator/producer Bill Lawrence has announced that the episode — “My Chief Concern” — will now air on Tuesday, the day before the hourlong finale.

Lawrence also sounds off about the rumors of a possible ninth season, making it sound a lot more likely than what has been reported in the past. He insists, however, that the ninth season would be more like a spinoff, a la Frasier, than it would be the continuing adventures of J.D., Turk and Elliot. Many of the cast members have signed on to shoot other pilots, but none is guaranteed to be picked up for a full season, meaning they could be available for guest spots now and again. But fans should view next week’s shows as the last for Scrubs as we know it.

Photo: © 2009 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. Credit: Michael Ansell