EWTN Chronicles Pope’s Holy Land Visit

EWTN Global Catholic Network will be airing complete coverage of Pope Benedict XVI’s historic visit to Jordan and Israel May 8-15. The network will follow Benedict across the region as he visits such sites as Bethany Beyond the Jordan; the Grotto of the Annunciation; the presidential palace in Jerusalem, where he will meet with Israeli President Shimon Peres; the Caritas Baby Hospital, the only baby hospital in the West Bank and Gaza Strip that cares for poor children; the Aida Refugee Camp near Bethlehem, where he will deliver an address; and more.

Coverage also includes Pope Benedict’s meetings with other heads of state, including the king and queen of Jordan, and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with religious leaders including the Greek Orthodox, Latin and Armenian Catholic patriarchs; the grand mufti of Jerusalem; the chief rabbis of Israel and others.

The complete television itinerary:

Arrival and Visit to the Regina Pacis Center (2 hours)
May 8, 7:30 am ET, (live); 9:30pm ET (replay)
The Pope begins his visit to the Holy Land, arriving at Queen Alia airport in the Jordanian capital of Amman.

Mount Nebo & Madaba (4 hours)
May 9, 2:15am ET, (live, early Saturday); 1pm ET (replay)
In the morning, the Pope visits the Memorial of Moses on Mount Nebo, and blesses the cornerstone of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem’s Madaba University. He then visits the Hashemite Museum and the Mosque of al-Hussein bin Talal in Amman, and meets with Muslim religious leaders, the diplomatic corps and rectors of Jordanian universities.

Vespers (90 minutes)
May 9, 10:30am ET (live); 6pm ET (replay)
The Pope presides at the celebration of vespers in the Greek-Melkite cathedral of St. George in Amman.

Mass in Amman (2 1/2 hours)
May 10, 3am ET (live, early Sunday); 2pm ET (replay)
The Holy Father celebrates mass and prays the Regina Coeli at the international stadium in Amman.

Bethany Beyond the Jordan (90 minutes)
May 10, 10:30am ET (live); 9pm ET (replay)
The Pope visits the site of Jesus’ baptism, where he blesses the cornerstones of the Latin and Greek-Melkite churches.

Departure From Amman (30 minutes)
May 11, 3am ET (live, early Monday); 2:30pm ET (replay)

Arrival in Israel (30 minutes)
May 11, 4am ET (live, early Monday); 5pm ET (replay)
The Pope arrives in Tel Aviv, where the welcome ceremony takes place at Ben Gurion Airport.

Visit to President Shimon Peres (1 hour)
May 11, 9am ET (live); 5:30pm ET (replay)
A courtesy visit to the president of Israel at the presidential palace in Jerusalem.

Yad Vashem (2 1/2 hours)
May 11, 10:30am ET (live); 8pm ET (replay)
The Pope visits the Yad Vashem Memorial and holds a meeting with organizations for inter-religious dialogue at the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center.

Dome of the Rock (4 hours)
May 12, 2am ET (live, early Tuesday); 1pm ET (replay)
The Pope visits the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount in Jerusalem and meets the Grand Mufti. He also visits the Western Wall and meets with the two chief Rabbis of Israel at the Hechal Shlomo Centre. At midday he is due to pray the Regina Coeli with ordinaries of the Holy Land in the Cenacle of Jerusalem and make a brief visit to the co-cathedral of the Latins.

Mass in the Josafat Valley (2 hours)
May 12, 9:30am ET, 7pm ET

Mass in Bethlehem (3 hours)
May 13, 2am ET (live, early Wednesday); 5pm ET (replay)
The Holy Father delivers an address on the square in front of the presidential palace in Bethlehem, then celebrates mass in Manger Square.


Church of the Nativity (4 hours)
May 13, 8:30am ET (live); 9pm ET (replay)
A visit to the Grotto of the Nativity, then to Caritas Baby Hospital, then to the Aida Refugee Camp, where the Pope will deliver an address. He then makes a courtesy visit to the president of the Palestine National Authority in the presidential palace of Bethlehem, after which the departure ceremony will take place on the square in front of the palace.

Mass on the Mount of Precipice in Nazareth (2 hours)
May 14, 3am ET (live, early Thursday); 6pm ET (replay)

Meeting with PM Benjamin Netanyahu (3 hours)
May 14, 8:45am ET; 9pm ET
The Holy Father meets the Israeli prime minister in the city’s Franciscan convent, greets religious leaders from Galilee in the auditorium of the Basilica of the Annunciation. Later he travels to the Grotto of the Annunciation, where he presides at vespers with bishops, priests and pastoral workers.

Ecumenical Meeting and the Holy Sepulcher (3 hours)
May 15, 2:15am ET (live, early Friday); 3:30pm ET (replay)
The Pope attends an ecumenical meeting at the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate. Afterward he visits the Holy Sepulchre and the American patriarchal church of St. James in Jerusalem.

Departure to Rome (1 hour)
May 15, 6:30am ET (live); 11pm ET (replay)


  1. I have been watching this historical event every day with Pope Benidict xvi and the tears keep coming .I am catholic and I feel
    the pain of the Palistinian people. I pray that God will
    intervine in their sorrow. The ashkinazi’s who claim to be jews(and are not)are running these people out of their homes and from their land are evil people. They have gay parades on holy land where Jesus walked and do not respect the holy land of Our Lord Jesus Christ..They are not the chosen people. I pray the
    Palestinian people will prevail in the end. God Bless the Palistinians who are suffering from so-called-jews who ARE NOT. The real jews did not come from europe in 1948 . They are liars!

  2. hi, Kamal, I can’t find much info at this point on whether there will be a video of the Pope’s visit. I imagine there may be more info after his visit is completed. I see on EWTN’s site that there will be a recap DVD for $15. You can also watch video clips of the places he has visited so far on that site. EWTN’s main site is ewtn.com. Their store is ewtnreligiouscatalogue.com. You can also contact them and see if they plan a complete video of his visit, at ewtn.com/general/contact.asp.

  3. I would like to know the name of the musical number the girls choir and the two men sang for the Pope at Pres. Peres’ palace. I have very slow rural dial-up and can’t download the videos you have. Thank you Larry

  4. how can i purchase a vedeo of the whole pope’s visit to jordan and the holly land

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