American Idol Takes It Down To Four

by Ruth Anne Boulet

Over 47 million votes came in last night. Way to participate, America!

Idol seems to be losing energy on the Ford Commercial. This one is done to the song titled ‘Energy’ and the Idols don’t have much of it. They basically get to stand still & fake run. Then stand still again. They’re even shot from a distance so they don’t have to sing. The Idols must be getting tired.

This week’s group number is “It Don’t Mean a Thing” … and I can’t tell if they were actually singing it or not. It sounded a bit too smooth, but I didn’t see any big lip-syncing catastrophes.

Contestants get sorted into 2 camps — Kris and Matt, and Danny and Allison. Ryan does the typical ‘make a contestant choose a group to belong with’ crap with Adam. Adam selects Danny and Allison. Adam chooses incorrectly. In the shock of the season, the bottom 3 is Matt, Kris and … Adam.

Adam is in the bottom three. How stupid is that? I mean, come on people. Has he fallen victim to complacency? That better be the case, because he blew it out of the park last night.

Quote of the night, from Kara DioGuardi: “My mouth went open again; that’s what happens with Adam.” Your moment of American Idol zen.

But before we get on to the business at hand, we have to have a lot of filler, I mean, performances. First up is Natalie Cole: “Something’s Gotta Give.” A great song, but Ms. Cole doesn’t sound all that great. Kathy thinks she must have swine flu. Everyone else has it. She gives a shout out to Liza and David. Does she really need to do that? Can’t she do that on a CD or something? Or are they kids who never listen to her CDs, but are huge Idol fans. I’d believe that.

Matt, Kris and Adam are spending some quality time chatting backstage. It’s boring footage.

Soul Patrol! Taylor Hicks is back on the Idol stage. He’s got a grin from ear to ear. He probably hasn’t played for this many people since the Idol tour. Bex’s mom should be happy though, since she’s his number 1 fan. With him up on stage, not spazzing out, it’s kind of like watching Twin Peaks with a 2009 mindset. That was on TV? Really? With the backwards-talking midget in the red room? Did anyone get it?

Taylor Hicks winning American Idol was a lot like that. For me, dog, for me. I’m disappointed not to get a Soul Patrol out of him. I was looking forward to a drink.

Ryan brings the guys out to send one of them back to safety. It’s Kris. This is so not right. Why was I at the baseball game, instead of watching the show in real time so I would have the opportunity to vote? Why? Why?

Then we get a performance from Jamie Foxx. Ok, Jamie, I’d have more respect for your musical ability if you didn’t have all those effects on your voice. I can’t actually hear how you can sing. Of course, I’m only tangentially listening. I’m thinking that Adam better be safe or I’ll have to make an empty statement about how I’ll never watch American Idol again. That’ll show ’em. Especially when I blog about next week’s episode out of my amazing work ethic.

Finally we end the agony — Adam is safe and Matt is going home. I feel bad for Michigan. They could’ve used a nice parade and tourism boost. And he seems like a decent guy. Plus, did you notice that he didn’t always have the mole or whatever it is on his forehead? Get that checked, Matt.

Randy’s advice: keep it hot. Word Matt, keep it hot. Next week: rock with guest mentor Slash.