Five Fabulous Flicks

There’s a worthy film for every night of your week. Here are our picks for April 26-30. Remember, all airtimes are ET.

April 26
The Night of the Hunter (1955)
“Leeeaning … leeeaning …” Never has a Protestant hymn been so creepy. Robert Mitchum stars as the preacher with LOVE and HATE tattooed on his fists and an agenda from a place a little south of heaven. TCM, 6pm ET

April 27
Sabrina (1995)
Nothing will replace Holden, Bogey and Hepburn in the original, but this Sydney Pollack-directed remake appropriately casts Harrison Ford as the uptight stuffed shirt who gets his socks knocked off by the charms of young Sabrina, played here by Julia Ormond. Greg Kinnear rounds out the cast as the less sincere of the Larrabee brothers. AMC, 8pm ET

April 28
American Gangster (2007)
Ridley Scott directed this tale, based on a true story, of a hood who realized a different sort of American dream. Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) devises a way to corner the heroin market in New York, while Richie Roberts (Russell Crowe) is the Fed charged with taking down Lucas and his cohorts. Cinemax, 10pm ET

April 29
The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
Third in the incredibly satisfying thriller series, The Bourne Ultimatum finds legendary trained killer Jason Bourne in a frantic race to discover his own identity as the organization who made him what he is tries its utmost to find and destroy him. HBO, 7:30pm ET

April 30
Fargo (1996)
Years later, the Coen Brothers’ signature film stands up as well as when it was new. Watching William H. Macy as the sniveling Jerry Lundegaard never gets old, and it’s still amazing to see how funny a leg in a wood chipper can be. IFC, 9:45pm ET