Double Elimination Time On American Idol

by Ruth Anne Boulet

This week we’re back to lip syncing. But at least this week, it’s with a purpose. The Idols are lip-syncing because they are being choreographed by the one & only Paula Abdul. Paula did not work with them on lip syncing.

Ryan first pulls out Lil Rounds & brings her to the middle of the stage. But this time, instead of sending her over to the stools of doom, she just gets sent packing right at the top of the show. It’s almost as if Idol has decided she’s not worth the time anymore, so just get her out of the way right off the bat. She sings her swan song and Paula asks why she didn’t sing that strongly the night before. Randy notes that it’s only the beginning for Lil. Bye.

Ryan then tells us that some person named Freda Payne is going to regale us with a disco medley. She’s singing her hit Band of Gold. Freda introduces Thelma Houston to sing “Don’t Leave Me This Way.” Thelma is sporting a very yellow dress that violates the What Not To Wear no-miniskirts after 35 rule in a big way. Only in the front, though. It’s business in the back. Thelma then introduces KC from KC and the Sunshine Band. He’s singing “Get Down Tonight.” He still has that thin, higher voice. Age has made said voice a bit thinner, and the body a bit thicker. Kathy thinks he looks like Rush Limbaugh. Like many of the Idols, KC is thinking about the choreography. A lot. The Idol ‘bwatap’ music lets me know we’re going to commercial. Time to come back from the county fair.

Time for Ryan to torture…. Kris! Whatever, he’s safe. Next is Adam. Whatever, safe. Gokey goes without glasses, and blah, blahs about meditating on being clumsy. Whatever, he’s safe. Anoop is up next and he’s in the bottom 3. We’re down to Matt & Allison. Matt is safe & Alison rounds out the bottom 3.

Before we make that final call, we get to hear the musical stylings of David Archuleta and his new song “Touch My Hand.” Yes, David, we know you’re young. No one should be touching anything other than your hand for a few years. The song sounds like it’s too low for him. I remember him sounding better last season. My co-worker Todd would disagree with that statement. I think little David is trying to become a grown-up, as he seems a bit less robotic in his performance style, so that’s good.

Back to business — Anoop is gone. Oh, well, it’s true that Anoop wasn’t going to win it all. He’ll be ok, even if he can’t hit the last note of that song. We all need to move on. Like to next week, when it’s the songs of the Rat Pack. Hey, Idols, someone needs to do “Mack the Knife.” Seriously. Don’t make me do it.