8 Questions With … Kristin Chenoweth

1. What Has Been Your Strangest Fan Encounter?

Kristin Chenoweth: There was a guy, I can’t remember where I was — I was singing, I think it was Chicago. And this happens to a lot of guy singers, but he sent me back his underwear and wanted me to sign it. That was A) scary, and B) gross.

2. You’re At A Magazine Rack And Can Pick Three Magazines. What Are They?

New York Magazine, because that’s my link to my favorite city in the world; Glamour; and Cosmopolitan. [laughs] That tells a lot about me!

3. Do You Have A Favorite Sports Team?

Oklahoma Sooners. You know what? I was devastated [when they lost the National Championship earlier this year] but I still was proud of them, and I think next year’s gonna rock. We have kind of a young team. But I’m a Sooner girl.

4. When Was The Last Time You Were Starstruck?

When I met Julie Andrews.

5. If Your TV Only Carried Three Shows, Other Than Your Own, Which Three Would You Want?

American Justice; Mad Men and Big Love.

6. When Was The Last Time You Felt Like Crying?

Last night, I did.

7. What’s Your Favorite Condiment?

Ranch dressing.

8. Does Playing A Quirky Teacher Bring Back Memories Of Any Odd Teachers From Your School Days?

I had a really mean music teacher, and that was my favorite subject. So in high school to have a music teacher that really didn’t like it kind of sucked. And I’m not really sure what that was about. … I also had a teacher that, looking back, I’m sure was high all the time on pot.

Emmy nominee and singer Kristin Chenoweth voices science teacher Miracle Grohe (who has only a superficial grasp of the subject) on the new animated sitcom Sit Down, Shut Up, airing Sundays on FOX beginning April 19.