“Scrubs” Recap: My Soul On Fire, Part II

Another sure sign that a show is ending: cameos from longtime crew members. I have no documented proof, other than the very visible presence of show creator Bill Lawrence as the batty Justice of the Peace — but last night’s episode featured several stiffs in walk-on roles, leading one to suspect they were filled by the good folks who have been instrumental in giving Scrubs its eight-year run. I guess the chance to put their lack of acting chops on film forever and have millions see it is considered a reward.

As for the episode itself, it was pretty trifling, and probably most memorable for Ted’s awesome acoustic rendering of “Hey Ya” as Janitor and Lady tied the knot. Before all that, though, fences had to be mended among all the major couples. Turk and Carla had to learn how to balance their parental responsibilities with making time for lovin’; Cox and Jordan had to adjust to a new way of relating to each other, i.e. not hurling insults at every opportunity; and J.D. had to come up with just the right way to express his love for Elliot.

Not too suspenseful on any front, but there were some good jokes along the way. As Turk is stranded in the ocean, waiting for Carla, he impulsively strips off his trunks, only to have them carried away by a wave. He then sees a pretty girl he is convinced is a mermaid. J.D. happens along and mistakes Turk’s manhood for an eel. You know, usual stuff. Despite his predicament, Turk tells J.D. he can practice his “I love you” for Elliot on him, during which time Cox snorkels by and witnesses the whole thing. Sorry, but I never get tired of the “Turk and J.D. are gay” jokes. Plus, they’ve been doing it for eight years. Why stop now, when there are just a few episodes left?

J.D. also has trouble with the Janitor, who’s still sore about having to actually go through a ceremony. For revenge, he takes J.D. to the top of a lighthouse and tells him to stay there for 10 minutes. Sounds relatively harmless, until you consider the dead fish tied to J.D.’s hands and the flock of hungry seagulls heading his way.

Tensions boil over up to the wedding ceremony, presided over by Van, who prefers it be pronounced Vaaaan. He’s an old associate of The Todd, who helped him try out medical procedures way back when. Like rectal exams. Bill Lawrence isn’t much of an actor, but he comes off likable enough. If you’ve seen his smart-ass interviews and commentaries on any of the Scrubs DVDs, you’ll know what to expect here. Van eventually ticks off the Janitor enough that he kicks him out of the ceremony, and delivers a sweet set of vows to Lady. And we find out her full name is Ladania. No such luck for Janitor, whose name is bleeped out by surrounding noise, including a scream from a severely sunburned Ted. But Janitor’s rare show of sweetness inspires the couples to extend the olive branch and make up. Carla prances around in a smokin’ bikini for Turk; Jordan tells Cox that everything she does is more fun when he is with her; and J.D. musters up a lovey-dovey soliloquy that suits Elliot’s needs. The kicker: He tells her he loves her more than he loves Turk. And he gives her that Brady Bunch tiki necklace. Awww.

Best joke: Ted, at the command of a Bahama Mama-soaked Kelso, puts away his umbrella and catches a few rays. Moments later, he is redder than anything you’ll find in a box of Crayolas. Ted also scores by mistaking ranch dressing for sunblock, and putting it all over his face.

Photo: © 2008 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.