Getting “Lost”: Whatever Happened, Happened Review

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Well how about that? Finally, more answers than questions! Of course, that doesn’t mean we weren’t given our fair share of headscratchers throughout.

But at least we now know how Young Ben crossed over to become the diabolical man we’ve come to love to hate. And the Hurley/Miles debate rivaled that of Kennedy/Nixon back in 1960.

johnnysweeptheleg’s Lost in a Moment:

So with the arrival of Kate on the island, Roger sure seems to have gotten over the death of his wife, huh? In typical island fare, just as Roger begins running game on Kate, Jin shows up with a near-dead Little Ben.

Horace may look like he’s under the influence of Dharma herb 24/7, but there’s a reason he’s the leader of the Dharma Initiative. He quickly realizes the van fire was merely a diversion for the jailbreak. Horace is a regular member of the Scooby Gang! Ok, so really he just found a set of keys still sitting in the jail cell’s lock. But Horace does quickly deduce that only three men on the island have those keys — Roger, Willy, and Jack. The culprit came from inside the compound! Time for lockdown.

During the house arrest, Miles attempts to explain the notion of “whatever happened, happened” to Hurley, who has seen Back to the Future enough to fear that he will soon begin to disappear. Miles claims all of this already happened (the shooting), but they weren’t there to experience it. They go back and forth, and it sounds like the Miles and Hurley are the premiere speakers for the Debate portion of the Stoner Olympics. Hurley still doesn’t grasp the notion that all of this already happened. After all, as Hurley points out, then why didn’t Ben remember Sayid back in the hatch when he was being tortured? This is enough to stump Miles, and harsh his mellow. The best Miles can ever do is explain that this all happened, but because that funky wheel was turned below ground, their concept of time doesn’t travel chronologically, nor in a straight line. So even though something already happened, it may not have happened in a chronological order. Follow? Don’t worry, even Stephen Hawking would need it explained a couple times.

Meanwhile, Little Ben’s on his death bed, so at Juliet’s request, Sawyer attempts to bring Jack out of surgical retirement. But he goes all Drago in Rocky IV and is like, “If he dies, he dies.” He tries to explain to Kate that he already saved Big Ben in surgery once. Maybe the island just wants to fix things itself. Jack’s just like John Locke, now, minus the propensity for blowing stuff up.

Not liking the Rocky IV Jack, Kate decides to do her part and donate blood for the eventual island tyrant. But Kate and Juliet realize it’s out of their hands, and that maybe the best route is to take Little Ben to The Others. You see, The Others have universal health care. So Kate drives Little Ben to the Canadian Others’ border, when Sawyer pulls up. So how did Kate get from Anti-Island to Pro-Island return?

After returning to civilization, we all knew that Kate had begun working on Sawyer’s whisper “To Do” list. It’s what began breaking Kate and Jack up, after all. That, and Jack’s bottle-a-day drinking habit, and propensity for listening to Nirvana’s “In Utero” at unbearable decibles. For the last three years, Kate and Sawyer’s ex, Cassidy, have begun having play dates. Aaron and Sawyer’s own spawn, Clementine, play in one room while Cassidy and Kate spend an awful lot of time in another room talking about a guy who they both are supposed to be over.

And after nearly losing Aaron to a Claire-from-behind Supermarket lookalike, Kate realizes she has to go back to the island. So she pays Claire’s mum a visit, tells her everything they every told her was a lie, and that she has to go back to the island to find Claire. Kate gives her twenty bucks to babysit, and promptly goes off to meet with Jack for desperate babymaking sex before hopping the next flight to Guam.

So now we’re back on the island, and Sawyer’s carrying Little Linus, with Kate by his side. The Others are leading them to their King of Guyliner. Richard Alpert tells Sawyer he can help Little Linus, but at a cost. If he’s going to do this, Ben will become one of them. His innocence will be lost forever, and his memory of this will not exist. And now we know the answer to Hurley’s question, as to why Ben didn’t remember Sayid. Ok, maybe a little too convenient having this clean-slate memory thing come into play, but maybe the writers will do a better job explaining the why of this next week. It does give further evidence that Miles is onto something when he mentioned the shooting really did take place originally, and that this all happened before, albeit not in this order.

One of The Others warns Guyliner that Ellie and Widmore aren’t going to like this, to which Alpert responds that he doesn’t answer to them. He walks off with Little Linus in his arms, and as he disappears into the Temple, we see Ben’s innocence do the same.

Finally, in the alternate timeline, Big Ben finally wakes up, and is welcomed to the land of the living by a very-much alive Locke. And somehow, the writers have now made us somewhat sympathetic of this man.

Questions Answered

We know Kate said not to ask, but … what happened to Aaron? He’s with his real Grandma. Hopefully not at that rundown motel.

What did Kate promise to do for Sawyer once off the island? As we all figured, it had to do with Sawyer’s daughter. Kate has been spending time with Sawyer’s ex-girlfriend Cassidy, and their daughter, Clementine.

Is young Ben really dead? Ben’s like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps going and going and going …

Now that the flaming Dharma van isn’t an issue, why did Kate come back to the island? Kate went back to the island to find Claire. Let’s be honest, though, she did it for Sawyer, too.

New Questions To Be Asked

What did The Other mean when he told Alpert that Widmore would be upset and that he should check with Ellie, first? Widmore has answered to Alpert for the last twenty years, so why would Alpert care what Widmore thinks?

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