Five Fabulous Flicks (Plus One)

Don’t overlook these lesser-known and classic films airing April 5-11. All times ET.

Duma (2005)
A schoolboy embarks on a quest to return the orphaned cheetah he has raised back to the wilds of the Kalahari. The film is directed by Carroll Ballard, who also created the equally brilliant wildlife films Never Cry Wolf and Fly Away Home. Animal Planet, April 5, 1pm

The Princess Bride
Heroic pirates, evil princes, flesh-eating eels, incredible swordplay, revenge and true love — this frequently hilarious family fantasy has it all! If you’ve never seen this film, don’t pass up the opportunity to watch it now! Bravo, April 6, 7pm and 9pm

Monster’s Ball (2001)
Halle Berry famously won an Academy Award for her role as a dead convict’s wife who unknowingly falls in love with one of the guards who performed her husband’s execution. The unusual pairing of Berry with Billy Bob Thornton make this an unusually gripping story. IFC, April 8, 8pm 

Three Kings (1999)
Spike Jonze directed this unusual and underrated film starring George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube, about a renegade officer in the first Gulf War whose initial plan for plunder turns into a quest for humanitarian equity and justice. Much better than you might think. Bravo, April 10, 8:30pm

Apollo 13 (1995)
The incredible story of Apollo 13’s abortive moon shot and the astronauts’ harrowing journey home is deftly told by director Ron Howard. Tom Hanks is at his best as Jim Lovell, who led the mission to its historic conclusion. Pure tension — knowing the ending doesn’t make it any less white-knuckling to watch. AMC, April 11, 8pm

And one more for those who subscribe to Showtime:

Mr. Brooks (2007)
Kevin Costner plays the title character – a successful businessman, philanthropist and serial killer – in this film that can provide some great entertainment for Dexter fans impatient for the return of the Dark Defender. As a matter of fact, the parallels between film and series are so clear that the writers could have been roommates. There are even some Mr. Brooks vs. Dexter sites for those who want to weigh in on who might best the other in stealthy serial-killer combat. The film also stars William Hurt as the deadly half of Mr. Brooks – and, yes, somehow this strange ploy actually works. Showtime, April 9, 9pm, or anytime on Showtime On Demand.

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