“High School Reunion” Preview: Is It True?

After making shocking allegations against Maricela “The Outsider,” Jessica “The Ugly Duckling” is ready to leave the house, but Tom “The Jock” gets her to face her classmates and hear their side of the story. Emotions run high as Jessica confronts her classmates about her outburst. However, the group tells her that her isolating behavior at the reunion has made it hard for them to really get to know her. Maricela “The Outcast” finds a Hall Pass and nervously asks Scott W. “The Skate Punk” out again, but Scott isn’t sure he’s ready for a relationship.

Tune in to TV Land at 10pm ET tonight to catch the latest episode of High School Reunion. And stay tuned to this blog for an update about next week’s season finale, which features ’80s pop star Taylor Dayne!