American Idol Takes It Down To 8

by Ruth Anne Boulet

The group number for today’s elimination is “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Did you know that Randy Jackson played with Journey? Did you? I once had my neighbor’s friends show up, blasting that song and driving up on the lawn.

I almost thought the kids were singing. Then I saw Scott. Sigh. At least they gave him something to do in the song, instead of dragging him around the stage. I’m sure he’s much more comfortable there, too. That way, he doesn’t have to deal with the awkward ‘stand in a triangle, then move up to the front of the stage’ choreography.

Apparently we’ve got some time this week, because we get a video of all the Idols goofing off & making fun of each other. It’s actually entertaining. You can tell, because I watched it, instead of fast-forwarding through it.

We’ve got 9 contestants, so Ryan’s doing the evil groups of three. Will he make someone choose a group? That’s the ultimate Ryan evil.

Group one: Megan, Kris and Matt

Group two: Adam, Alison and Lil

Group three: Scott, Danny and Anoop

So we might assume that one of these groups is the bottom 3. But Ryan may mix things up & rearrange groups. I wouldn’t put anything past him. He’s wily.

David Cook performs. It kinda made me yawn. The drummer seems way more into it than DC does. Ryan has a couple of blondes present him with his platinum album. Very nice for him. I’m not being snarky when I write that.

So back to the chopping block. Kris is safe. Matt is safe, but gets April Fooled into believing he’s in the bottom 3. Megan is in the bottom 3 and caws her way over to the stools. Was that a shout-out to Vote For the Worst?

Next groups: Lil is safe. Allison is in the bottom three. Adam is safe. Danny is safe. Then we’re down to Scott and Anoop. Scott is shoved over to the couches, and Anoop is in the bottom three. Ryan is sweating the time now, because Scott gets no chance to hug Anoop or really realize what’s going on.

But before we get results, we get Lady Gaga. I like the drama of her performance. Megan does, too, because she makes one of her way goofy faces in response. She’s making a lot of those lately. Including the caw-ing.

Allison gets sent back to the safety of the couch right off the bat. Megan is making a way goofy face, and Anoop is safe. Someone caws to her. Simon says flat out that they’re not using the save on her so she should enjoy her performance. As she mentioned she didn’t care what Simon thought of her, he doesn’t care to give her another chance. Megan sings most of her song right in front of the judges, but toward the end screws it up.

Oh Megan, so much promise, but it just got so weird. Bye, Megan. Who will Vote For the Worst pick next? Next week’s theme, another non-theme: Songs from the year the contestants were born. Time to feel old! Whoo-hoo!