“My Boys” Season 3 Preview

By Ryan

Fans of the TBS comedy series My Boys no doubt know that the show returns for Season 3 on Tuesday, March 31, at 10:30pm ET. When we last saw PJ (Jordana Spiro) and her boys, they were getting ready for Bobby and Elsa’s wedding. Figuring she’s lost Bobby (Kyle Howard) for good, PJ hooks up with Bobby’s brother (Billy Burke). But Bobby got cold feet, and came to the realization that he’s marrying the wrong woman.

I’ve seen the first two episodes of Season 3 — Welcome Back Kalla Fotter (March 31) and Private Eyes (April 7) — and I give them the thumbs up. Like the whole “who went to Italy with PJ?” cliffhanger from last season, the “will Bobby marry Elsa?” cliffhanger is resolved very quickly. Then it’s on to mustache-growing contests, stakeouts and Andy (Jim Gaffigan) hiding from his wife and kids, and other high jinks that we’ve come to love the show for. Other highlights from Season 3 episodes include the annual board-game decathlon, an accident on a scooter, and Kenny’s new band performing at Brendan’s new nightclub.

This season also will remind us that PJ does, in fact, still have a job — something that got totally forgotten about last season. PJ gets a promotion (whereas most real-life newspaper sportswriters are getting pink slips these days.) And they’re getting actual real-life Chicago Cubs to play themselves this season, as Mike Fontenot and Micah Hoffpauir will make an appearance in scenes filmed at the Cubs’ spring training facility in Arizona.

Photo: © TBS, Inc. Credit: Patrick Ecclesine

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