Getting “Lost”: He’s Our You Review

By Mike Frey and johnnysweeptheleg

Lost WTF Moment No. 142: Sayid kills little Ben. We knew he’d try, we just didn’t think it would be so easy — you know, despite Sayid’s expertise in the field and the fact that his target was a pasty-faced 12-year-old kid. Then again, since this is Lost, we have to ask, is little Ben really dead? Will the island (or someone else) heal him? Will we ever get past that fact that Larry from Newhart now makes his living as a torturer? On with the recap …

johnnysweeptheleg’s Lost in a Moment:

Can you imagine the sandbox fights that would occur if Young Ben and Young Sayid ever tried playing together?

Young Ben has continued bringing Sayid his daily sandwiches as part of the Big Incarcerated Brothers program, and the two seem to have struck up a friendship. This is mostly because Sayid has duped the boy into thinking he was sent by Guyliner, their mutual friend.

Sayid has stayed mum with everyone else in the Dharma Initiative, however. Even when Horace gives him the opportunity to “confess” to being an outcast from The Hostiles and therefore a friend to the D.I. But, Sayid doesn’t nibble. Later, when Sawyer gives him the chance to become part of the Dharma club, he chooses to make like Fleetwood Mac and go his own way. Sayid’s a loner, Dottie, a rebel.

This leaves Sawyer’s hands tied. If Sayid isn’t talking, then Horace is going to take him to Oldham, the episode’s namesake. But rather than torturing, Oldham gives Sayid some Dharma acid, and lets the truth serum flow.

Before we go down that trippy path, let’s backtrack to a flashback and find out how Sayid got back to the island, any way.

Post-Island, Sayid has grown some crazy long hair and is after Widmore’s men. It’s in Russia, where Sayid Polamalu clips a Russian and learns he’s free of men on Big Ben’s hit list. Or so he thinks. Time passes and Ben visits Sayid on his Habitat for Humanity kick, informing him that someone has killed John Locke. He tells Sayid it’s probably in retribution for their own handiwork years ago. When this doesn’t motivate Sayid, he tries other tactics.

This takes us to Sayid sitting at a bar, drinking Widmore’s favorite $120 glasses of Scotch. Sayid sees a woman sitting next to him, and uses the line, “I love Scotch. Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly.” It works like Spanish Fly, and Sayid takes the woman home. Unfortunately, she turns out to be Ilana, a bounty hunter sent by Avellino’s people after he was gunned down by Sayid on a golf course, and she’s paid to bring Sayid to Guam. And by Avellino’s people, we of course mean Ben set the entire thing up.

So now we know how Sayid got on the plane. And he has a body full of truth serum while tied to a tree in the Dharma jungle. Unfortunately for Sayid, they’re interested in a little more than who his secret sixth grade crush was. Sawyer paces like a caged lion as Sayid spills the beans on everything. Sayid’s worse than Henry Hill. He’s talking about the crash landing. He’s talking about being on the island before. He’s talking about the secrets behind all of the other stations on the island, including one that’s only in the early stages of creation. Oh, but he also admits to being from the future. And that’s when Oldham begins doubting everything Sayid has told them, as well as the amount of Dharma acid they gave Sayid. That should clear Sayid, right?

Unfortunately, no. The Dharma team votes unanimously that Sayid must die. Even Paula Abdul votes against him. What they don’t bank on, though, is that Sayid has an ace up his sleeve in the form of a twelve year old Harry Potter-lookin’ kid who likes fire. Young Ben sets fire to a Dharma van and drives it into a building, providing the perfect diversion as he jailbreaks Sayid and asks him to take him with. Sayid tells Young Ben that’s what he’s there for. But once they get safely out to the jungle, Jin arrives in a much less-torched van, only to have Sayid go all clothesline on him, stealing his gun, and in the second WOW moment of the episode, shoots twelve-year-old Ben right in the chest.

The other WOW moment?

Realizing that on the Dharma Island, Hurley is the school Lunch Lady and looks a lot like Wolverine, if, you know, Wolverine went all Morgan Spurlock and ate nothing but McDonalds three times a day, every day, since the day the island was created.

Questions Answered

Has young Ben already been in contact with Richard Alpert? Yes, four years ago. Funny, it only seemed like two.

Why was Radzinsky so concerned that Sayid might have seen the plans for the Swan? Because he thinks Sayid is a spy, which is understandable. But he doesn’t have to be such a jerk about it. Seriously, Radzinsky, take a cue from Horace and just chill.

Why was Sayid being transported to Guam? If you believe Ilana, he was being brought to Guam because he killed Mr. Avellino. Remember him? He’s the guy from the golf course whose name we haven’t heard in so long that we decided to delete the question about his murder from our list.

New Questions To Be Asked

Is young Ben really dead?

Now that the flaming Dharma van isn’t an issue, why did Kate come back to the island?

Check back on Tuesday for a preview of next week’s episode, “Whatever Happened, Happened.”

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  1. So a completely out there thought …

    What if Young Ben really does die? That means someone else will have to grow up and lead The Others. What if Ethan is now “inserted” into that role when he grows up? If the main characters or island somehow gets back to present time, they’d be dealing with a 30 year old Ethan, who would still be alive.

    Not likely, but just something to think of along the way?

    Of course, now that I say that, we’ll learn next week that Young Ben survives the gunshot and all of this just sounds idiotic.

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