American Idol Cuts Another Contestant

by Ruth Anne Boulet

Simon Cowell wants to clear up that he did not blow off the President. Duly noted Simon — you never got an invitation to have dinner with the president.

And now that American Idol has come clean with the whole lip-synching of the group numbers, this week they’re not even trying. Horrible lip-synching, coupled with the fact that the whole routine was obviously pre-filmed without an audience. These kids don’t even need to learn choreography other than hand movements — we’ll just throw in pictures of Motown greats! Brilliant!

This week’s Ford commercial features hybrids and a big puzzle of a pretty field. Were the Idols too busy going to Detroit to put in the extra work this week?

We then get treated to a Ruben Studdard performance. He managed to sing live. Of course, he’s from back in the day when contestants were worked 24/7. These contestants got to fly on a private jet. Ohh la-la.

Down to business — Adam is safe, surprise, surprise. Matt is sent first to the bottom 3 stools of shame. Kris is safe. Michael Sarver is also sent to the bottom 3. Lil is teased mercilessly, but safe.

Time for some entertainment! Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson sing live. It’s a little creepy, since they’re singing ‘you’re the one for me’ to each other. He’s 69; she’s 21. Creepy. They both sing real pretty, but creepy.

Back to the couch — Alison is safe. Anoop is safe. Danny is safe. Scott and Megan are left and Scott is the one in the bottom 3. But then he just gets sent right back to safety.  So it’s down to Michael and Matt. Before we learn their fate, a Motown medley from Stevie Wonder. Again, singing live.

Michael is this week’s victim, so he’s got to sing for his life right after Stevie Wonder. The judges actually deliberated a bit more than I thought they would for Michael, but he did sing better than last night. All of that filler, just to find out that Michael is going home. At least this week it was pretty good filler.