SCI FI … Er, “Syfy” … Announces New Projects

By RabbitEars

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SCI FI Channel (or “Syfy,” as the network will be known by the time these projects air, but that’s another story) has announced the production of three new adventure movie events. Each “event” will air over four hours and two nights. The projects announced are:

Alice — 4th Quarter 2009. A modern-day reinterpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, written and directed by Nick Willing, who also directed Tin Man, SCI FI’s successful retelling of another helpfully public domain novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

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The Phantom — 2010. The classic comic book character is reimagined and transported to the present day in this live action film.

Riverworld — 2010. The award-winning series of novels by Philip Jose Farmer come to life in this movie. It’s the adventure of Matt, a combat photojournalist killed along with his fiancée by a suicide bomber, who awakens in a world where everyone who has ever previously lived on Earth has been reborn along the banks of a seemingly endless river. Determined to find his lost love, Matt joins forces with a 13th-century female samurai warrior and novelist Mark Twain, and they sail upriver in search of its source.

By the way, speaking of SCI FI’s upcoming new branding starting July 7, which do you prefer? SCI FI, or Syfy? Or don’t you care too much, as long as the programming isn’t drastically overhauled? Inquiring minds want to know!


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  1. yeah, interesting how cable networks increasingly change their names to be more “general.” AMC no longer stands for American Classic Movies, TLC no longer stands for The Learning Channel, etc. We’ll see how this goes, as long as they don’t totally get away from sci-fi stuff. I still remember I was disappointed several years back when USA bought SCI FI Channel and they stopped showing a lot of classic old sci-fi movies, but I learned to like the original programming, so we’ll see!

  2. Some science fiction “snobs” turn their noses up at the term “sci fi” as if it an obscene moniker. Ah, “a rose by any other name . . . .” Still, I have absolutely no idea where SyFy fits into a cable channel that primarily airs shows of a science fiction nature. Guess that one of the powers that be at the SciFi channel graduated from a politically correct public school and was never held back for the inability to spell words correctly.

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