“One Tree Hill”: The Slippery Slope GOES SIMS

Will the shills never cease?

It wasn’t even mentioned during Monday’s “Next week on ‘One Tree Hill'” preview, but in case you haven’t seen the ads, the March 23 episode of OTH is going to feature morphing transitions in and out of an alternate, idealized world created in EA’s “The Sims 3.” Numerous homemade clips (most from this week, but at least one as far back as five months ago) have made it up on YouTube.

Word has it that the “simulated” versions of Lucas, Peyton, Dan Scott and others are introduced as they make their entrances into the episode, and subsequently morph into their real-life counterparts. And of course, as with nearly every other example of radical cross-promotion on The CW, after the episode finishes, viewers can go to CWtv.com and download “The Sims 3” versions of the OTH cast.