8 Questions With … Aaron Paul

1. What has been your strangest fan encounter?

Aaron Paul: I had a stalker, from Breaking Bad. This woman, close to 50 years old, who somehow found my e-mail [address], would send me messages over and over and over again. … Who knows? Maybe it’s just one of my friends playing a joke on me, because all the pictures are just this woman and her cats.

2. You’re at a magazine rack and can pick three magazines. What are they?

NYLON for sure, because it’s amazing. Maybe Men’s Journal and Décor. Décor’s a great magazine.

3. Do you have a favorite sports team?

Actually, I don’t follow sports.

4. When was the last time you were starstruck?

I spent four days at this castle outside of London with Michael Jackson. … The Sultan of Brunei’s kids — Prince Azim, Princess Fadzillah and Princess Azemah — were all having a joint birthday together. … I go, and the first day I was there, there were maybe like 15 people there all night and we were drinking in the library, and Michael Jackson was there. We were having a long talk about our parents. Very surreal. Then I go, because it was kind of getting a little deep, “Want to take a shot?” And he goes, “Sure!” And so doing a shot of Patrón tequila in this library in this giant house was probably my most starstruck moment.

5. If your TV only carried three shows, which three would you want?

Lost. That show is unbelievable and my good friend Emilie de Ravin [is on it.] [See our feature story on Emilie de Ravin in this issue.] … Californication is just genius, and Breaking Bad because I’m so egotistical.

6. When is the last time you felt like crying?

I just got back from vacation in the most beautiful paradise ever, in Hawaii. … My manager had just gotten me the new BlackBerry Bold, and I was jumping over lava rocks and not realizing that my phone had fallen out into the salty ocean.

7. What’s your favorite condiment?


8. The last time we spoke to you, you talked about a girl tattooed light blue from head to toe, saying you’d propose to her on the spot if you saw her again. So?

I saw her three times in four days [before the previous interview], but I haven’t seen her since. I don’t even know her, and I love her.

Aaron might not have made a love connection with the blue girl — yet — but he did make a second season of the Emmy-winning series Breaking Bad. New episodes premiere on AMC beginning March 8.