Music For “Losers”

By RabbitEars

The next album in the series of Workout Mixes inspired by The Biggest Loser looks to put all memories of Jock Jams out of your mind (if it wasn’t already) by using sports anthems as its theme.

The Biggest Loser Sports Anthems Workout Mix features high-energy favorites like “Let’s Get It Started,” “Don’t Stop Believin,” “We Will Rock You,” “I Like to Move It” and “Everybody Dance Now.”

Like the other Workout Mixes, Sports Anthems is 60 minutes long, and its amplified beats-per-minute help users keep up a powerful exercise pace, becoming sort of a personal trainer to folks as they jog, bike, do aerobics or otherwise keep active.

This and other Biggest Loser Workout Mixes are $9.99 at the iTunes store, or at this NBC site.


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