“Scrubs” Returns Wednesday With New Episode

After a monthlong break, Scrubs is back on a new night (apparently ABC prefers the NBC method of schizophrenic scheduling) with “My Nah Nah,” in which Turk gets an idea about a risky procedure from watching SportsCenter that may restore a paralyzed teenager’s ability to walk.

Joining the gang at Sacred Heart are (synergy alert!) real-life SportsCenter anchors Josh Elliott and Hannah Storm, who star in one of J.D.’s fantasy sequences in which he’s labeled world’s worst athlete.

Storm tells ESPN, “Playing ourselves was a real stretch. I hope we pulled it off. We’d like an Emmy, or at least a big break in Hollywood. The weather there is a lot better than Bristol.”

Think she’s being tongue-in-cheek?

It’s not Storm’s first stint as an actor, having also played herself in Arli$$ and Like Mike. She appeared as a wedding planner in the daytime soap As the World Turns.

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