ANTM Recap: Do You Light the Way I Look?

Ooh the divisions are starting. Aminat called out Sandra for being such a bitch, saying that the “better person went home” last week. It’s on. Sandra really needs an attitude adjustment. Her walk does not match the talk, that’s for sure. But I hope the girl fight doesn’t drag Aminat down. She needs to save her energy for the competition. Sandra will fail all on her own.

Tyra assigns Mr. Jay and Miss J a mission – transform these 12 “wanna-bes” into high fashion, fierce, femme fatalian models. Yeah, Tyra tried to make up a word. I love the makeover episodes. The girls who are terrified of a haircut crack me up. This season, the looks are Top Secret. As in, the girls will not know anything about the look they are getting until it’s complete.

Celia cried a little. Natalie mini-freaked out, only to find out that nothing was going to happen to her hair. Aminat’s luscious fro is actually a weave, and now it’s gone. She looks so normal (and I say that with petulant disdain in my voice) now. I do not like what they did to Fo’s hair. They chopped it off, hoping to transform her overall “cuteness” into something more fashionable. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against short hair. Short hair or long hair, I’m not too chaffed either way. But something about that specific style on her doesn’t work for me. (What’s that? As we’re watching here, my boyfriend disagrees. He thinks it looks better.) Oh, but now Fo is completely devastated. She’s crying and crying. “I have to hide my hair to feel pretty.” Damn, girl, it’s a haircut! Hair grows back. Get over it!

Tahlia gets a lion’s mane. Bug-eyed girl, I mean Allison, gets long blond hair. London’s hair is chopped and dyed. She’s a sharper, less pockmarked Andy Warhol. I wonder if he’d dig her street preaching. Teyona gets a long, wavy weave. Jessica thinks she’s all that. Nothing could make her look ugly. She doesn’t realize that modeling is more than just being the prettiest girl in the room. She also doesn’t realize that in this room, she isn’t the prettiest girl.

Challenge: Find a woman on the street and teach her about the new Cover Girl mascaras.

The girls are split into groups and sent off to bring back some ladies. I’m a little disturbed by the pitch for Wal-Mart. I’m also a little disturbed by the street soliciting. If I saw them hustling their product on the sidewalk, I think I would cross the street and avoid eye contact. There’s no way I’d follow some strange giant girls into a strange building. But that’s just me.

Winner: Team 1 – Aminat, Sandra, Celia. (Aminat on Sandra’s trash-talking “Keep it cute, or put it on mute.”)

Photo Shoot: Group shots using light.

Judge and noted photographer Nigel Barker snaps the girls in their first photo shoot. Each girl must light herself with two strange looking glow sticks, while the other girls pose as extras in the background. These glow sticks look like the signals that groundsmen at the airport use to guide planes in.

Celia is praised for her performance on-set, both as a featured model and as an extra. Teyona shines. Fo tears up in front of Nigel and the crew, which calls into question her commitment and professionalism. Kortnie doesn’t get it. During her shoot, Jay Manuel admits that he’s NEVER heard Nigel ask how many frames are left. Like a school kid watching the clock, counting down the last five minutes of class, Nigel cannot wait to be done with Kortnie. Nijah and Sandra are lifeless, and Jessica is “disaster, disaster, disaster.”

Winner: Teyona

High: Celia and Allison

Bottom Two: Fo and Jessica

Eliminated: Jessica

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