Tonight On “High School Reunion,” Someone Leaves The House

In “A Class Divided,” the house is in crisis as the classmates struggle with the decision to kick out Dennis “The Troublemaker” after his abusive behavior the night before. Scott S. “The Class Clown” leads the charge against Dennis even though some classmates still believe he deserves a second chance. After an emotional plea, the classmates look to Shalonda “The Pregnant Girl” to make the difficult decision. Once the house reaches a resolution, one of the classmates can’t live with the results and makes the decision that shakes the house. Luckily the tension is broken up by the promise of Lynette “The Snob’s” secret admirer finally arriving, but that bliss doesn’t last long. The animosity that’s been growing between Jenny “The Cheerleader” and Liz “The Wannabe” finally reaches a boiling point.