“The Haney Project: Charles Barkley” Recap: Back To Work

By Ryan

Sir Charles is late. It’s 9am, and he’s already behind on his “Tiger Day” of practice. Haney says he’s “wounded,” but Charles says he’s stuck in bad traffic — he had to pick up the wine coolers and bearclaws for Urkel, I guess.

But Haney won’t knock Charles’ work ethic. “As far as amateur golfers, I’ve never had a student who’s worked as hard as Charles,” he says.

Charles is a little discouraged, though. “I’m not getting better at golf, I’m getting better at the drills.”

Tiger Woods must’ve been really bored during his rehab, because he was calling Haney every night wondering how Charles is doing.

After hitting more balls with Charles working on flattening out the swing and stopping his hesitation, Haney seems really impressed, calling their work that morning “a breakthrough.”

Over breakfast, the show’s producer is asking Charles how he sees the show ending. “We have to be realistic,” he says. ‘”We have no idea how this thing is going to turn out.” While it’s not the super-optimistic walk-into-the-sunset ending the producer is hoping for, Haney steps in to defend Charles, understanding the big undertaking this project is. “When you’ve got this kind of problem, you can’t be announcing that you’re coming.”

So far, they’ve been hitting irons off tees, but now it’s time for Charles to pick up the driver. He starts hitting balls with the driver off the tee, but the dreaded hitch makes its return. “Huge step backwards,” Haney says.

Dr. Bob Grober from Yale University has a handy little device called Sonic Golf that helps maintain the rhythm of the swing. As the club swings, it makes a sound. The faster the swing, the higher pitch of the sound. It totally sounds like your club is a lightsaber!

“I gained probably 80 pounds since I retired,” Charles says as he’s hitting the speed bags and the heavy bags and the jump rope at a gym in Philadelphia. “You know the stupid thing? I have to pay for this!”

Charles is practicing his golf game on his own, and Hank calls him up to see how he’s doing. Aside from a clubhead from an iron flying off the shaft, it looks like he’s making progress. Haney sounds skeptical. He’s heard some things from a few of Charles’ friends.

Charles is going to kick ass on Dave, a bartender at a steakhouse he frequents, because Dave talks trash about his golf game. Dave is No. 3 on the ass-kicking list. Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are Nos. 1 and 2. That’s some pretty interesting company there, Dave.

When a friends asks what happened to Charles’ golf game, Charles explains it’s a great mystery, like who really shot JFK. “Who shot Charles Barkley’s golf swing?”

Photo: Credit: GOLF CHANNEL

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