“Family Guy” Season 7 Episode 8 Recap: Family Gay

Peter’s sent to the market to get some beans, but ends up in Louisville and comes home with a brain-dead horse that does brain-dead-horse things that eventually cause Cleveland and his bathtub to fall out of his bashed-in house. Business as usual in Quahog.

Then Peter decides to become a horse breeder, and takes his horse to the track to see whether it can win him anything. All the competing horses are named after cancelled FOX shows (the litany of which takes minutes to read). Peter’s horse, “Til Death,” freaks out and crashes the stands, resulting in his own death and thousands of dollars in damages that the Griffins have to pay.

Why wouldn’t Peter sign up to be a medical guinea pig to raise the money?

One of the things the lab is using Peter to try and prove is that there’s a gay gene, but Peter doesn’t want to risk turning gay. Until they offer him $125. And then he comes home acting like Charles Nelson Reilly plus the entire cast of The Birdcage with a side of obnoxious. He cooks, he dresses, he calls out Rent references, but he won’t sleep with Lois. Lois isn’t happy, so she takes him back to the lab and finds out that removing the gene could take a while. So everyone has to try and accept the new Peter, except for Stewie, who’s on an anti-gay roll.

It gets to be too much for Lois when Peter brings home his new soulmate, Scott, and announces he’s leaving his family. While Peter settles into his new life, Lois misses him so much that Brian and Stewie put Peter in a straight camp in an effort to cheer Lois up. But Lois rescues him and tells him she just wants him to be himself and be happy, even if it means that she can’t be with him, so Peter goes home to Scott, who’s given him a special “welcome home” present: his fantasy 11-way. Problem is, the doctor has located his notes about the gay gene injection, and it turns out that it wears off after two and a half weeks—exactly the amount of time that’s passed since Peter was injected. His present becomes a nightmare, and Peter goes home to his family.


• Herbert at the track, hitting on every jockey in sight and finding out that they’re not pre-pubescent boys: “This whole place is a giant mindf***.”

That’s all, folks. One highlight. That’s how sorry this show has gotten. But there is a new hope: Apparently, on March 29, the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation will reunite on Family Guy. Finally, something to look forward to!


  1. You’re very adept at making the episodes sound a lot better than they are. Then again, I suppose that’s been the trouble. Some of the ideas are great, but the execution is awful.

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