Osbourne Again

Ozzy and Sharon at January's TCA tour

The first family of reality TV is back in action as FOX announced the return of Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly Osbourne in a new special called Osbournes: Reloaded, airing March 31 on the network, to be followed by more one-hour specials later in the season.

Unlike their previous MTV series, this program is not a “day in the life” look at the Prince of Darkness and his clan, but is more like a bizarre, and certainly better, updating of those Brady Bunch variety specials from the ’70s, complete with comedy bits, music and interaction with a studio audience (although Kelly does say that “we’re not going to be ‘Sonny-and-Chering’ it.” Filmed, off-stage segments include “the Littlest Osbournes” (which does look funny) featuring pint-sized and potty-mouthed versions of Ozzy and Sharon; and pieces where the gang goes to work at unexpected places such as a fast-food drive-through.

The family has certainly gone through changes since we last saw them on a TV series. They talked about it at the recent Television Critics Association tour, where Ozzy — when he could actually hear the questions after needing many of them repeated to him by Sharon — explained how he has changed. “I don’t know … but I put a different suit on this morning.”

It’s probably wise that this is not a weekly variety series. It has a good potential to work in its limited airings because they are a likable and funny family, yet shouldn’t wear out their welcome in this occasional format. And as Sharon says, “Everybody adores Ozzy.”

“Why didn’t everybody adore me when I was pissed-drunk all the time?” the rocker wonders. We did, Ozzy.


© 2009 Fox Broadcasting. Credit: Frank Micelotta