American Idol Selects Three More Finalists

by Ruth Anne Boulet

For some reason Katy Perry’s Hot And Cold is selected as a group sing. Yeah, in what universe does a Katy Perry song ever become a group number? In the American Idol universe, that’s where! The choreography involves a lot of sitting for the guys, and walking to couches for the girls. It ends with a chipper ‘Hot And Your Cold!’ Up with People!

And I’ll admit it right now, I bet the whole group was like ‘Yes! Scott’s in our section! Sweet, we’re going to get easy choreography!’ Ok, I would be thinking that if I were in that group.

I’ll glaze over the Ryan recaps of stuff we’ve already seen mingled with psychological torture. First up, just let Lil Rounds sit over in the Cocktail Glass of Victory of the Top 12. She’s so not surprised.

After dispensing with a few contestants that we’ll soon forget about, Ryan pulls up Scott and the really happy yellow dressed blonde girl. Duh, Scott is going through.

We must be pressed for time, ’cause we quickly bring up Jorge as the third finalist. Ryan promises that we’re going to shake things up by announcing who’s got a second chance. Ooh, Ryan, I’m all a-twitter!

But first we get to re-meet those who are actually in the Top 12.  The loser group is up in the Coca-Cola room learning who gets to go on.

First pick, Randy selects Von Smith. Screamy McScreamy will sing another day. Second pick, Kara selects Jasmine Murray. Third, Paula selects Ricky Braddy. Fourth, Simon selects Megan Joy Corkery.

Commercial break so that we can all let the news sink in. Ok, we’re back for the next four picks. Randy selects Tatiana Del Toro for your ape-bat crazy viewing pleasure. I can hear my co-worker throwing things at the TV. She can’t stop blubbering.

Back to the picks — Kara picks Matt Giraud. Paula mentions the last-minute change contestant of Jesse Langseth. Simon gets the final pick and it’s Anoop Dog! Anoop in the house! Our American Idol Slumdog Millionaire seems in complete shock.

Ok, so it looks like the rumors of branching out of the Top 36 were grossly overstated. Unless they’ll have a gotcha tomorrow night. We shall see on the next episode of American Idol.