SCI FI Channel Enters Warehouse 13

By RabbitEars

Saul Rubinek, Joanne Kelly and Eddie McClintock of "Warehouse 13"

SCI FI Channel has begun production in Toronto on its new, 11-part “dramedy” series Warehouse 13, premiering in July with a two-hour pilot.

Apparently playing off (and maybe a spoof of) the mythology and speculation surrounding places like Area 51 and Hangar 18 — believed by some to be top-secret government storage facilities for all manner of alien devices and technology — Warehouse 13 finds two Secret Service agents, played by Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly, transferred to a similar hush-hush location in a remote part of South Dakota. This place houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic and supernatural piece ever collected by our government. Saul Rubinek plays the Warehouse’s caretaker, Artie, who assigns the agents to investigate reports of supernatural and paranormal activity, and obtain new objects for the site. CCH Pounder, most recently of The Shield, appears in the pilot and has a guest-starring role in the series as Artie’s boss, Mrs. Frederic.

The series looks to have a pretty good crew behind the camera, including executive producer David Simkins (of the unfortunately short-lived Dresden Files); co-exec producer Jace Alexander (Burn Notice and Rescue Me); and producer/director Stephen Sujik (Monk and Burn Notice). Although the story seems to blend familiar elements of everything from the Indiana Jones film series and The X-Files to SCI FI’s own hit Eureka, this cast and crew may be able to make this warehouse worth visiting.

Credit: Philippe Bosse/SCI FI Channel