Lou Diamond Phillips To Guest On “The Beast”

Posted by ButtonKnows

Former Numb3rs star Lou Diamond Phillips will match wits with Patrick Swayze’s Agent Charles Barker in an all-new episode of A&E’s The Beast, premiering Feb. 26 at 10pm ET/PT.

{SPOILER ALERT: Plot points after the jump}

When Chicago Police Department Officer Owens is reported missing, Barker goes undercover as “Apache,” a street tough with connections to Latino drug gangs. As Apache, Barker taps his associate “Capone” (Phillips) to bail him out of jail, while Ellis (Travis Fimmel) partners with Owens’ partner to uncover clues about his disappearance. Together, Ellis and Barker determine that Owens was killed because he discovered a senior CPD officer was drug trafficking with the Latinos — and that Barker has more in common with Capone than he realized.


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