10 Items Or Less: The Whistler

Posted by Ryan

The Greens & Grains is doing a (mostly) very sexy car wash for charity, and they made a modest $86. Mercy Jones, manager of SuperValueMart, drives up in a sweet convertible roadster (SVM must pay extremely well) and says that the SVM’s charity car wash made over $6,000. Leslie’s feeling down about his complete lack of talent or skill, when he realizes that maybe he should put his talent for whistling to good use. With Buck’s help, Leslie records a CD of whistling classics — Whistle While You Work — featuring songs like “Scarborough Fair” and “Londonderry Aire.”

Leslie starts pushing his CD at the G&G, playing the music over the PA system, performing live shows, and sending the CD to radio stations and then calling them to request they play it. The music has had a negative effect on the G&G crew, however, as it keeps putting Yolanda to sleep. Yolanda goes to tell Leslie that his music is crap and it sucks, but when a radio station plays one of Leslie’s songs, Yolanda wants to be Leslie’s manager (and take a 25 percent cut).

Mercy Jones sees dollar signs, too, and she offers Leslie a $50,000 advance to sell the CD at SuperValueMart. Leslie is fired up and ready to live the life of a rock star … in a very select niche market. He goes on SuperValueMart’s home shopping TV channel, HSVM, to sell the CD. But when the CD only sells two copies (one of them got returned), Leslie starts dropping F-bombs on TV and the whole venture flops.

Turns out that Mercy was setting Leslie up for failure all along — the $50K advance has to be paid back. Leslie’s ready to give up on his dream, but when he hears a dance remix of one of his songs on the radio, he’s back in the music business.

This Week’s Special: Leslie’s appearance on HSVM may have been the funniest few minutes of the series.

Employee of the Week: Carl, who knows how to ruin an otherwise sexy car wash.

Product Placement: None this week.

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