HBO Sports To Replace Bob Costas With … Joe Buck!

Posted by Cubicle QB

That didn’t take long. After losing Bob Costas to MLB Network this week, HBO Sports announced today that they’re sticking FOX Sports’ MLB and NFL pay-by-play announcer Joe Buck into the role formerly held by Costas. Buck will host a quarterly sports talk show with a town-hall format launching in May. Rick Bernstein, executive producer of HBO Sports says, “We will craft the series to showcase Joe’s character and personality. Joe is a tremendous broadcaster and we are thrilled to develop this new platform with him.”

Whether Buck will say “fetus-faced windbag” on the show is still to be determined.


  1. Oh my gawd. That’s the dude from the car rental ad — the one where I always catch myself thinking, “Why would they use a guy who looks like THAT to try to sell something?”

    My bad.

    In a related discussion, what is it lately with sportscasters and long, thin heads? Between this guy and Collinsworth, I’m going to need to turn my TV sideways.

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